About IHealth

IHealth is a client-focused transformation within Island Health. It is all about client-centered care:

  • it supports quality, safe patient care;
  • it creates consistency across sites and systems;
  • it helps decrease the risk of medication-related errors.


About IHealth

IHealth is a transformative approach to health and care within Island Health and our community. One way we will achieve this is by using a technology called the Electronic Health Record (EHR).

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The EHR, developed in partnership with Cerner, is a recording and reporting tool, enabling electronic health documentation, communication, scheduling, ordering and standardization, and decision-making.

A singular, fully electronic health record empowers staff, physicians and clients to be better informed, with increased efficiency and accuracy. Island Health’s primary goal in introducing the IHealth initiative is to improve the health of island residents through personalized, integrated care.

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