IHealth is the name that Island Health has given to a new clinical transformation initiative that includes a fully electronic health record with expanded and improved functionality. The system is based on the current Cerner platform that already exists at Island Health. This new system:

  • Is an integrated electronic system for health care providers. It includes clinical decision support and quality measures that will guide critical thinking in a new way.
  • Will keep track of each client’s health record in one single record, across sites and across programs and services, over the client’s entire life. The single electronic record for each client will give health care providers an accurate, complete picture of the client to support collaborative decision to achieve the very best for the client and their loved ones.

IHealth is a priority for Island Health because it is a key component of our quality and safety strategy. IHealth will improve client safety and care by:

  • Reducing errors
  • Supporting better care coordination
  • Improving care transitions
  • Facilitating individualized client health and care planning

What’s Next?

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