Partnership with Cerner

Island Health has partnered with Cerner to help us create a system to help us transform health care within Island Health and our community.

Cerner brought the out-of-the-box technology, and your peers have provided the process details of care to create a system that makes sense for everyone.

To accomplish this:

  • We are using Peer Mentors at a rate of 1 Peer Mentor for every 10 Staff.
  • Representatives from across disciplines and care settings have participated in the validation sessions to date.
  • Patient-partner representatives have been engaged to inform the IHealth build.
  • The IHealth Device Strategy Team is focused on providing you with more mobility options and faster logons to support and enhance delivery in your care setting.

We are certain that this will ensure excellent feedback and information as we move closer to Island Health’s goal of One Person, One Record, One Plan for Health and Care.

Cerner’s role

Founded in 1979, Cerner is an American-based company that supplies health care information technology solutions across to approximately 9,300 facilities the globe.

With a focus on people, Cerner develops their technology solutions with physicians in mind; their role in the IHealth initiative is to provide the technology, and to work with Island Health to ensure that the platform they build meets the needs of staff, physicians and clients.