Island Health is committed to ensuring that all providers have access to the necessary devices to be able to complete tasks using the new electronic health record (EHR). To do this, we will continue to refresh older computers to the latest and newest computers, and increase the number of devices in many care settings.

Members of the IHealth team are conducting device assessments and reviewing the needs of each care area. To ensure that you have the device(s) you need to do your work, the IHealth team is committed to prioritizing:

  • Mobility (e.g., workstation on wheels, laptops, tablets)
  • Multiple device types (to suit different workflows, such as mobile computers, biomedical devices and barcode scanners)
  • Faster logon and off-site documentation options

For example, there is a Biomedical Device Integration (BMDI) strategy that is reviewing and prioritizing which biomedical devices need to be provided to support and enhance care delivery at your site.

Device demonstration areas are being set up at Royal Jubilee Hospital (RJH), Eric Martin Pavilion (EMP), Nanaimo Regional General Hospital (NRGH) and Campbell River Hospital (CRH). These areas will showcase new mobility options, rapid logon devices, special mounting gear and new mobile carts with longer battery life. For more information, read the Devices FAQs: