Practice Changes


Practice Changes

Although there are many exciting benefits surrounding the implementation of the new electronic health record (EHR), it is important to recognize that there will be changes in your current practice.

We know you will experience changes in your practice related to EHR functionality, new or improved devices and technology, and where and how you will document in a digital or paperlight world. There may also be unanticipated changes in your individual practice, as the EHR allows clinicians to access evidence-based, current and new practice standards that everyone is expected to follow.

The biggest change will be for staff who provide direct care in clinical areas, and who currently document patient information electronically or on paper. For these staff, IHealth means a fundamental change in practice, workflow, clinical decision support, documentation, and medication management.

Initially things will be slower. Learning and implementing new tools and workflow can be time consuming and frustrating. This could be especially difficult for health care providers because we can’t slow down or stop the services we provide to Vancouver Island residents.

There are things you can do now, however, to ensure you meet current practice standards (legislated, regulatory and Island Health), and to be prepared when the new EHR and associated devices are activated in your region.

Direct Clinical Care Staff
Clinical Support Staff