Closed Loop Medication & Order Management

Our team consists of project analysts, physicians, pharmacy, medical imaging, laboratory and registered nurses, working in partnership with Cerner analysts to transform Island Health’s existing paper clinical order sets into electronic order sets called PowerPlans. These electronic order sets will use evidence-based best practice standards to optimize patient care. In combination with clinical decision support tools, automated medication distribution systems and bar code readers, it is expected that errors will reduce and patient outcomes will improve.

Practitioner workflow is being assessed as part of the development of the Closed Loop Medication System. Stakeholders, including physicians, nurse practitioners, midwives, pharmacists, lab staff, medical imaging technicians, nurses and clerks are involved.


Tracy Martell
Closed Loop Medication &
Order Management Director


Dr. Willie Pewarchuk
Physician Lead, Computerized
Provider Order Entry



Computerized Provider Order Entry Champions /
Clinical Decision Support Champions