Learning, Knowledge Translation and Education

Our team is excited to establish a comprehensive learning strategy that will be essential to the successful implementation of new practice and workflows, adoption of new clinical standards, computing technologies, the electronic health record (EHR) and new routines that support excellent health and care, everytime, everywhere.

The process for designing a learning strategy for the EHR is based on a learning framework and follows key steps: gather requirements; analyze learning needs (including a critical skills analysis); complete an audience analysis; design a learning plan; develop materials; implement training; and, track, evaluate and adjust accordingly using a continuous improvement methodology. The intended result is Routinization, where all staff provide care, seamlessly integrating and optimizing the power of the electronic health record into the treatment and care of patients.

barb-cross-114cBarb Cross
Learning, Knowledge Translation
& Education Director

dr-alex-hoecshmann-114cDr. Alex Hoechsmann
Physician Lead,
Change Management



Bjorn Lodding
Learning Architect

I am the project manager linking the Island Health education team with the Cerner education developers. I have been with Cerner for close to nine years, working with public hospitals in Canada, France, the Middle East and the UK.