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Award winner Meghann Elliott
Left to right, Post-Anaesthetic Care Unit Manager Hayley Clackson, COE winner Meghann Elliot, and Surgical Services Director Marlene Weeks

Clinical Nurse Educator wins recognition for work in clinical documentation

Clinical Nurse Educator Meghann Elliott, profiled initially in the story “Keep Calm and Clin Doc On“, was recognized in the Leadership Award category for a Celebration of Excellence Award. This award is given out quarterly to “an individual who is making an inspirational, sustained and significant difference to Island Health through their leadership”.

​The nominators, Marlene Weeks and Hayley Clackson, had this to say about Meghann:

“Meghann Elliott is the Clinical Nurse Educator (CNE) for the RJH PAC/SDC/PACU areas. On 20 September, 2021 she supported the go-live of Clin Doc as many have done. What is highly commendable is the circumstances and manner in which this was done. This is a highly operational unit currently down FTE while maintaining normal operations and supporting capacity challenges in other areas.”

“Meghann was determined to make go-live a success for patients and staff in RJH SDC/PACU. Leading up to the go-live period Meghann has led with positivity and integrity while supporting the staff to continue to actively progress through what was needed in order to go live in the interest of proving the highest standard of patient care possible.”

“She did this by listening to staff and empathizing with them while at the same time engaging and motivating them to recognize their own potential. This was at a time when many people were asking questions such as why are we doing this in the middle of a pandemic. Meghann was present, positive, supportive and unwavering in the confidence she instilled in staff to be successful.”

“Prior to go-live day Meghann made kindness signs to put up in key areas to remind surrounding units and physicians that the staff were going live and requesting they be treated with kindness and grace. She also collaborated with physicians to support the staff with pizza! She even designed her own t-shirt to wear on go-live day to further instill calm confidence in those around her.”

“The staff felt engaged, mentored, supported and motivated to succeed and the result was a very positive go-live day. Leading up to this day Meghann was also responsible for starting a new PACU student training cohort less than a month before go-live amongst her many other CNE duties all the while striving to make go-live a success.”

“The extraordinary work, attitude, and leadership Meghann displayed leading up to go-live is not a one off. This is the level of integrity and dedication to staff, patients and Island Health Meghann demonstrates consistently in all that she does to support various strategies and operational excellence.”

Island Health CEO Kathy MacNeil also recognized Meghann during an internal town hall: “Today I read about Meghann Elliot – who’s a clinical nurse educator in the PACU and ORs at RJH. And Meghann was recognized by her colleagues for her work in supporting the implementation of clinical documentation, the electronic clinical documentation tool in the ORs. We would not move this organization forward if we didn’t have people like Meghann who support change in a very compassionate and kind way. And so I just want to acknowledge Meghann in this forum, and also encourage all of you to think about who those people are, who are helping you advance your practice. Helping you meet patient needs, and helping us progress Island Health in this recovery phase.”

Congratulations to Meghann Elliot for this well-deserved recognition!

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