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Dr Mark Sanders at Cowichan District Hospital
Dr Mark Sanders at Cowichan District Hospital documents in the electronic health record

Highlights from another year of IHealth advancements

Thanks to the commitment and dedication of Island Health staff and leaders, IHealth continues its steady progress on expanding use of the electronic health record to more sites and services across the region, bringing us ever closer to the vision of “One Person. One Record. One Plan for Health and Care.”

IHealth activations in 2021 and 2022
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Here are just a few of the positive impacts IHealth brings to patient care and the health care provider experience:

  • Automated alerts for serious conditions like sepsis, delirium or risk of falling equip care providers with the best possible patient information.
  • A Post-COVID-19 Recovery Clinic connecting patient records to care providers through electronic clinical documentation.
  • Violence screening documentation helps care teams prepare and care for patients where violent behaviour may be a possibility.
  • Electronic medical orders for scope of treatment – eMOST – allows patients to reflect their individual wishes for important care decisions and supports Island Health care teams to honour those wishes.
  • Nearly a quarter of the eligible population of Island Health is now enrolled in the MyHealth patient portal, where they can access test results and clinical notes that may be shared by physicians.

Looking ahead in 2023, IHealth will roll out its largest activations to date at South Island tertiary sites. Victoria General Hospital  and Royal Jubilee Hospital will go live in fall 2023 with computerized provider order entry (CPOE) and orders management and other electronic health record tools, to improve quality and patient safety.

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