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Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE)

CPOE: a transformative change that directly impacts quality and safety for patients

Computerized provider order entry and orders management, or CPOE for short, allows care providers to enter medication orders and other instructions for their patients directly into the electronic health record (EHR). As a key component of the Cerner EHR system, CPOE and orders management will be going live in 2023 at Victoria General Hospital and Royal Jubilee Hospital-.

Currently, most Island Health medical staff must use paper forms to order medications, tests and imaging. The practice change from handwritten instructions to electronic ordering is expected to bring significant improvement to both health care provider experience and to the quality of patient care.

Benefits of CPOE

Reduces medical errors by eliminating handwritten orders.

Places orders in the patient’s electronic health record, where they are  immediately visible to nurses, pharmacists, technicians and other clinicians.

Cuts down the time between ordering and administering a medication.

Standardizes a high quality of care by making available pre-approved order sets for many common diagnoses.

Streamlines workflow, which saves time and provides more opportunity for patient care.

Allows orders to be placed remotely, including from a physician’s office or home computer.

  1.  The Leapfrog Group
  2.   University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Getting ready for CPOE

Watch this web page for details about proposed go-live schedules, training and other readiness activities.