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We’re Going Electronic

What's happening?

On June 8th at Royal Jubilee Hospital, we are moving from older systems and paper-based medical and clinical orders to one electronic health records (EHR) system. 

This transition is designed to enhance the patient experience through improvements to the quality, safety, and consistency of patient care.

Finding the right care in the right place

There are services available to help you manage your health, and prevent hospital visits. 

Services include outpatient clinics and health-care services provided by family primary care providers and nurse practitioners, walk-in clinics, urgent and primary care centres and community pharmacists. You can also dial 8-1-1 to reach HealthLinkBC 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for health information and advice.


What will be different?

You might see us using new devices, like barcode scanners, which we’ll use to track patients’ care in the clinic or hospital unit.

There will be extra support staff on site. They’re here to help us while we get used to the new system. Support staff may need to hear or see details about your care. Please know they are required to follow all Island Health privacy and confidentiality policies.

Our focus continues to be providing safe, quality care to you and your family during this transition.

What does it mean for patients and clients?

Moving forward, patients who visit our major hospitals or other facilities using the same system (such as Nanaimo Regional General Hospital or Oceanside Health Centre) can expect a better experience because their care teams will have access to more complete patient records.

Using the new system to provide patient care will mean:

  • Less time repeating your health information
  • Our care teams will have real-time access to the patient information they need
  • Safer medication management process
  • Faster access to lab results and medication therapies

Patients and clients may experience some delays in services while we get used to the new system – our care teams will have a learning curve. If you have an appointment, please consider arriving a few minutes early to allow extra time for registration.

During this transition, we have changed how we schedule appointments to give our care teams time to adapt to the new system. Flexibility when booking or rescheduling your appointments may be limited during this period.

Your care continues to be our top priority.

If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback about this transition, please talk to a member of your care team or a patient services manager. You can also contact the Patient Care Quality Office if you feel your issue was not addressed: 1-877-977-5797 or patientcarequalityoffice@islandhealth.ca.

Is patient information safe in this electronic system?

Privacy and security of personal health information is one of our highest priorities. Using the Cerner electronic health record means we have the benefits of current technology, including built-in privacy and security features that meet the highest standards, as well as around-the-clock vendor monitoring and support.

There are safeguards in place to make sure only the appropriate and required doctors, nurses and other staff members view patient information.

Physicians who have privileges at clinics and other sites which use Cerner will be able to securely view the system from anywhere. Family physicians won’t use this system, but they will receive timely access to consult reports, discharge summaries, medical imaging, and cardiology reports through another system.