Announcing IHealth Activation Dates

A message from Suzanne Fox, Dr. Mary Lyn Fyfe, and Jessica Arril on behalf of the IHealth Leadership Team

We are excited to be able to share that we are getting closer to our first IHealth activations.

The last few months have been eventful and rewarding. We have conducted a number of in-depth testing processes and have continued engagement with clinicians to finalize the new Electronic Health Record platform (EHR).

In addition, much focus has been dedicated toward the next major activity – migration of data from the current EHR applications (such as PowerChart and FirstNet) to the new platform. We had originally planned to do multiple activities in parallel, but have now determined that we must complete the data migration work in sequence in order to move the data safely to the new system.

In order to accommodate these activities and the peak December vacation period, the IHealth Activation dates will be:

  • Activation 1a: Region-wide New Platform – February 21, 2016
  • Activation 1b: NRGH Campus (Advanced EHR functionality) – March 19, 2016

Thank you for your support and participation in IHealth. We also thank the Island Health Board, Executive, clinical community and our partners at Cerner, who have supported us to manage the timeline accordingly.

There has been great progress, and we also know that the learning and implementation periods in this change initiative are still to come and will bring new and different challenges. During this time, care as we know it will fundamentally be changed to support improved patient care, quality, and health outcomes.

We look forward to our continued journey together and that IHealth is just the beginning!