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What is the “New Platform” and will it impact me?

The “New Platform” is a system upgrade to our EHR applications such as Cerner PowerChart, FirstNet, PharmNet, SurgiNet, and more. It will affect everyone who uses these systems, island-wide and some areas* will experience a more significant impact than others. This upgrade is a foundational component prior the new functionality and workflow changes in IHealth.

Delivering Remote and Rural Health Care

People who live in rural and remote communities and the care teams that support them face unique challenges related to geography and resources. Care providers address these challenges by working as a team to provide quality care. The new electronic health record delivered though IHealth will help teams work even more efficiently and allow information to travel with patients throughout their lives and health journey.

Awaiting New Dates for IHealth

We have made incredible progress in the last few weeks toward IHealth and our new Electronic Health Record (EHR). Many stakeholders are working to develop the new system and assess our readiness for go-live. Now, we are determining new dates for the go-live of our new EHR.

Integration Testing

During the last week of September, the fifth round of Integration Testing for IHealth will be taking place in Victoria.

IHealth: Transforming Health and Care

After years of planning, Island health is ready to transform the way health and care is delivered and received on Vancouver Island. IHealth is the tool that will get us there.

Tech Talks: Preparing for System Outages

What can health care providers do to prepare for a system downtime? In this video, Guy Weeks talks about what improvements are being made to streamline how information about downtimes is communicated. He also shares what health care providers can do to prepare for planned outages and respond to unplanned outages. Learn more.

Tech Talks: System Outages – Why?

IHealth will bring about a regional, cross continuum electronic health record (EHR). There are times when system downtimes are needed for activities such as upgrades or system maintenance to our clinical systems. In this video, Guy Weeks and Dr. Alex Hoechsmann share more about why system downtimes happen and what is done to minimize the downtimes. Learn more.

Introducing Island Health’s New “Clinical Solutions Desk”

As a Clinician or health care provider in any capacity, you will be very pleased to hear that a new “Clinical Solutions Desk” (CSD) is available from 18777 Island-wide to support your use of multiple Island Health Clinical tools and applications.

IHealth Device Deployment Update

As you may know, a regional device demonstration lab has been set up at NRGH! This ‘Engagement Lab’ not only demonstrates many of the new devices supporting IHealth, but also showcases some of the new Cerner applications.

Why IHealth: A Tale of Two Tools

Sometimes learning a new technology can be a challenge. Dr. Digney and Dr. Myonuk take a light-hearted approach to compare IHealth and the electronic health record with traditional pen and paper.

Introducing the Engagement Lab

In the basement of NRGH is a new hub of activity that you may not know about yet. It’s the IHealth Engagement Lab and it’s now open from Monday to Friday, 0700 to 1500.

Reflecting on the LEWA sessions

Have you ever been to West Coast General Hospital in Port Alberni? They have this amazing indoor courtyard inside the entrance. It was there, on the afternoon of March 6th that I realized the LEWAs were complete…

IHealth Updates – Episode 1: Suzanne Fox

Suzanne Fox updates us on what’s new with IHealth. The excitement is starting to build as physicians and staff are finding out more about what IHealth brings to the organization and our patients.

When will I be able to see our new EHR?

Excitement is building as we continue to move closer to using the new Electronic Health Record (EHR), and people are starting to ask: When will I be able to see our new EHR?