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Conversations on IHealth

We invite you to view a roundtable table conversation on IHealth with Suzanne Fox, Executive Director of IHealth and Dr. Drew Digney as they share their thoughts on how IHealth will transform the patient experience, improve the quality of care and, shape the way Island Health will deliver health and care across the Island into the future.

Local EHR Workflow Alignment Sessions

As we work toward our goal of One Patient, One Record, One Plan for Health and Care, an integral piece of work for the IHealth initiative relates to understanding both current and future workflow, or what clinicians do, or will do, in a day. This work will be addressed through an event called Local EHR Workflow Alignment (LEWA).

A message from Dr. Brendan Carr

It’s a pleasure to welcome you to Island Health’s IHealth information website. IHealth will forever change the way we deliver health and care service and support.

IHealth Launches at NRGH Mid 2015

IHealth is interactive for health care providers, and includes clinical decision support and quality measures that will guide critical thinking in a …