Awaiting New Dates for IHealth

We have made incredible progress in the last few weeks toward IHealth and our new Electronic Health Record (EHR). Many stakeholders are working to develop the new system and assess our readiness for go-live. This helps ensure that our EHR, workflows, support systems and training materials are informed by those who will be most affected by the IHealth changes.

We are determining new dates for the go-live of our new EHR. This includes the Island-wide system upgrade to the new our new EHR operating system (otherwise known as the New Platform – the online system that houses tools like PowerChart) and the implementation of the advanced functionality of the EHR coming first to NRGH and Dufferin Place.

To determine go-live dates, decision making groups are considering:

  • Ensuring the EHR meets safety and quality standards
  • Planning for seasonal impacts on training and human resourcing (flu season, peak vacation times, patient volumes, etc.)
  • Allowing sufficient time for people to be booked into training sessions
  • Competing organizational priorities
  • Ensuring needed Island Health and Cerner resources are in place
  • Financial impacts of date changes

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work hard to determine our go-live dates.

To learn more about IHealth and steps you can take to prepare, please visit: