Behind the Scenes of IHealth – System Downtimes and Outages

Millions of transactions happen through Island Health’s clinical systems each day. In these two “Tech Talks”, Guy Weeks and Dr. Alex Hoechsmann answer a number of questions about clinical system downtimes.

Tech Talks: System Downtimes and Outages – Why?

IHealth will bring about a regional, cross continuum electronic health record (EHR). There are times when system downtimes are needed for activities such as upgrades or system maintenance to our clinical systems. In this video, Guy Weeks and Dr. Alex Hoechsmann share more about why system downtimes happen and what is done to minimize the downtimes.

Tech Talks: Preparing for System Outages

What can health care providers do to prepare for a system downtime? Do you know where downtimes phones are located? What about paper-based process backups? In this video, Guy Weeks answers a number of questions:

  • What can health care providers do to prepare for both planned downtowns and unplanned outages?
  • Who should be called if a system isn’t working?
  • What is being done to streamline communications about downtimes?
  • How does Island Health technical staff respond during unplanned outages?
  • How can clinicians bring forward their suggestions on how to improve downtime processes?

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