Devices and the new Electronic Health Record

TabletThe team is very excited about the device offerings that have been developed so far, and is seeking your feedback and an opportunity to pilot in real care venues.

As we continue to refresh older computers to the latest and newest computers we will also be increasing the number of devices in your care setting. We have heard you, and are focused on providing you with more mobility options and faster logons to support and enhance care delivery at your site.

Ergotron Wall ComboarmDevice demonstration areas are being setup at Royal Jubilee Hospital (RJH) Eric Martin Pavilion (EMP), Nanaimo Regional General Hospital (NRGH) and Campbell River Hospital (CRH). These areas will showcase our new mobility options, rapid logon devices, special mounting gear and new mobile carts with longer battery life. The demonstration sites will be ready by mid-December. Please watch for the kick off announcement in future Weekly update. It is anticipated that the demonstration rooms will be staffed for 2 or 3 afternoons a week for drop in “show and tell” sessions.

Additionally, the team is currently in the process of organizing a “travelling device road show”. Demonstration devices will be brought to you, and a schedule will be set up so that care providers across the island will have an opportunity to test drive the new device options and provide feedback. We are developing a schedule which we will share with you soon that will let you know when we will be in your area. We value your feedback and are excited to show you our future state options.

The Device Services team is working closely with Clinical informatics specialists to deliver two new opportunities:


  • Device pilots:


      To date, the Device team has engaged in several successful device pilots at Victoria General Hospital (VGH), Nanaimo Regional General Hospital (NRGH) and Oceanside Health Centre (OHC). Upcoming device pilots will be arranged by contacting Device Services (more communications to follow) and a consult will be setup with Clinical Informatics (CI). The CI team will engage in demonstrating the new Cerner applications specific to your care area using the new devices. As clinical feedback is an excellent source of information, online surveys will be created to measure the effectiveness of the device within your care delivery venue. Accordingly, care providers will be asked to fill out surveys; survey information will help inform the device strategy.


  • On-site visits: The Clinical Informatics team will be pairing up with Device Services integration analysts – combining technical expertise with clinical expertise and coming periodically to visit your site with technical tips and tricks and clinical computer usage best practice. They will be there to help you at your site and also escalate issues for resolution. We are still working on the logistics, but it is anticipated this team will be rounding starting in the New Year.

Stay tuned and please help us support the new Electronic Health record!