Evolution of the New EHR


Evolution of the New EHR

Island Health has partnered with Cerner to help create a system that will transform health care within Island Health and our community.

Versions of electronic health records (EHRs) have been used for decades in many settings. North York, Mt. Sinai, Prince Edward Island and Vancouver, for example, have already moved in this direction, primarily in acute and ambulatory clinic spaces.

Island Health is looking beyond just individual sites. Every Island Health resident will have their single health record in the new EHR. The records will be available across sites, programs and services, for the lifespan of each resident.

The process of creating a single health record for each Island Health resident involves 4 main phases:

Integrating across the care continuum

Island Health’s new EHR is being developed so it is available for all health care providers.

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Customizing to meet Island Health's needs

Clinicians will be supported with workflows and solutions that are aligned with practice standards and with built-in, evidence-based practices appropriate for Island Health.

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Upgrading to a new platform with new functionality

Upgrading will begin with the NRGH core campus.

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Transitioning existing patient records

One of the goals with the electronic health record (EHR) is to move away from paper-based charts and records.

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The fully integrated EHR will be introduced (activated) geographically in a three-phase approach:

  • NRGH core campus will be first
  • Remaining central island community sites and programs approximately 6 months later
  • The rest of Island Health approximately 3 months later

Please note that timeframes may change.