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This page is dedicated to the IHealth Status for Activation 1B of the Electronic Health Record at NRGH, Dufferin Place and Oceanside only.

4:00 PM
IHealth Activation 1B Update: Summary – May 5, 2016

The topic of support has come up quite a bit this week. We are at an important time in the change process when the type of support needed seems to be shifting. People are generally not feeling ready for a reduction in support as a whole and yet it is not necessarily easy to define the type of help that is needed. What is clear is that there is an evolving combination of technical fixes, workflow streamlining, and learning still to navigate. We are working with Clinicians and Providers to determine next steps so that people feel supported while they also continue to build internal capacity.

There are fewer phone calls to Central Support and yet the questions that are emerging (both to in person and via telephone) are more complex and require greater depth of knowledge to answer. Non-clinical project team members (the people in blue shirts), who have been helping with elbow-to-elbow support, now seem to be able to better serve Clinicians and Providers by working more “behind the scenes”, helping resolve technical issues within the EHR. As well, there continues to be an increasing need for collaboration between clinicians, providers and technical teams, when resolving complex incidents. There is significant engagement and effort, from many different people across disciplines, to find resolution to incidents. This is not easy work, and challenging conversations are occasionally needed, yet, sustainable solutions seem to emerge more quickly when disciplines are able to come together to better understand how decisions impact the greater care team.

Thank you for your courage as many of you continue to step forward when it might seem easier to step back.

Best regards,


5:00 PM
IHealth Activation 1B Update: Summary – April 28, 2016

We have almost completed 6 full weeks working with the new EHR functionality at NRGH, Dufferin Place and Oceanside Urgent Care. Orders and the workflow of orders management continue to present the greatest challenge for many. Very focused work is occurring around ways to improve the Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE) component of the EHR. The attached IHealth Update contains information about key CPOE changes, tips and tricks.

I have been thinking a lot about the art and challenge of communication and how we ensure people are kept up-to-date on the work and improvements underway. When experiencing large-scale change, like we are now with IHealth, communication is not always easy. Finding effective ways to get messages out, seek and receive feedback and acknowledging that feedback has been heard are all complex tasks. Many factors contribute to such complexity- for example: phase/cycle of the change, size of the audience, source and clarity of the message, and readiness of the listener. Throughout the IHealth journey, we have tried to use many modes of communication and we are learning as we go re what is working and what is not. One thing that seems to be working well is when unit/team/department leaders are the messenger of “the details”. This is consistent with what the Change Management gurus tell us- high level messaging is often well received when sent by senior leaders/sponsors but more specific messaging is often best received when sent by a colleague or direct supervisor.

I send out these IHealth Updates to leaders, Peer Mentors and others who request to be added to my distribution list. My ask is that you work within your teams to determine who needs to receive this information and from who they should receive it. Forwarding my email might be sufficient. In some cases, however, it may be best for you to cut and paste relevant details for sending/posting by you or another member of your team. All of our IHealth updates are posted on the Activation 1b website ( (Island Health log in required). We have also pulled out some key Questions and Answers from the updates for easy searching. Having this web address posted in your care areas may be helpful.

If you are interested in learning more about some of the cycles of change and how each cycle may impact both the messages that are needed and how they are often received, this website may be helpful:


9:00 PM
IHealth Activation 1B Update: Summary – April 14, 2016

As we round the corner of the one month mark, working with the new Electronic Health Record functionality, I find myself trying hard to best describe the IHealth experiences shared with me to date. This is no easy task. There are many care providers from various disciplines that are making the transition from novice to intermediate, and in some cases even approaching an advanced level of skill. We have always described this journey as a “personal” one – a tag line intended to help people understand that this is a transformation about people more than it is about technology; this individuality goes for the learning and adoption processes as well. We have people who are expressing confidence and a sense of calm and others who are feeling the weight of such a significant change. Such differences in experience are normal in a change of this magnitude and are influenced by many variables. Many people are starting to reflect on some of those variables and are providing input into how we can support teams both now and in future activations.

It is often best for words about “experience” to come from those experiencing the change and, thus, we are sending out post-Go-Live surveys. These anonymous surveys are intended to provide staff and ordering providers working at NRGH, Dufferin Place and Oceanside Urgent Care with an opportunity to voice thoughts, feelings and feedback about their IHealth journey thus far. We will repeat this survey again in roughly 4 weeks, as impressions often change over time.

We send a big thank you to those who take the time to share their experience with us.


4:00 PM
IHealth Activation 1B Update: Summary – April 6, 2016

The notion of complexity has been a common theme over the last few days. Now that we are through the excitement of the initial Go-Live period, the hard work has begun. There are many dedicated individuals exhibiting patience and compassion as they navigate complex learning opportunities.

The focus has been on working through orders management and the medication administration process. Interprofessional communication is also an area of emphasis- with our new tools, and ultimately new language, driving us to think about the way we share messages and how to be efficient in how we transfer care from one care provider to another.

There are still a lot of smiles in the hall and teams finding ways to celebrate their successes. It may not be easy when there is significant work ahead, but remembering how far we have come is more critical now than ever before.

Your efforts are so very appreciated.

With gratitude,


10:00 AM
IHealth Activation 1B Update: Summary – April 02, 2016

Good morning,

Today marks the completion of our first two weeks working with the new Electronic Health Record (EHR) functionality.

We are still actively refining the system with a few key fixes still in the queue. The quest to refine the system will be an ongoing task- this is reflective of our commitment to ensuring we are using an effective and evidence based tool. Understandably, some fixes are more urgent for some team members than others. Technical and clinical teams are continually collaborating to ensure issues are managed in a priority sequence, with patient safety as our primary concern. For example, Nurses, Physicians, Pharmacists and technical specialists (from both IHealth and NRGH) are working tirelessly on one of the largest changes that we have encountered with this activation- the change to Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE). Thank you to the many care team members who are learning and working together to ensure our new EHR works as intended, and supports quality care and the safety of our patients, clients and residents.

Best wishes for a wonderful weekend,


7:00 PM
IHealth Activation 1B Update: Summary – March 29, 2016

Today marks Day 11 of working with our new functionality at NRGH, Dufferin Place and Oceanside Urgent Care.

I have received many questions about the status of issues logged with our Central Support team. In a Progress Report that Dr. Mary-Lyn Fyfe, our Chief Medical Information Officer, sent to the Ordering Providers at NRGH, Dufferin Place and Oceanside Urgent Care this morning; the content provides a summary of the key logged issues. Some of the issues relate specifically to the Electronic Health Record while others are related to workflow changes or education gaps; sometimes, the issues are a mixture of some or all of these sources. Technical, IHealth and clinical teams are diligently working together to determine the best resolutions and action plans.

The number of calls to Central Support has decreased significantly over the last few days. With over 80% of Staff and Ordering Providers having completed at least their first day of working with the new system, we are starting to see more clinical staff members seeking assistance from each other. This is a strong indication that teams are building capacity from within- a big accomplishment at this early stage.

We continue to have leaders from all across the island, onsite supporting this work both day and night. Thank you to those who have added additional hours to their schedules in order to come to Nanaimo. Your presence is much appreciated!

Best regards,


2:36 PM
Highlights of Day 7 Friday, March 25, 2016
The Daily IHealth Summary will resume Tuesday, March 29 after the Easter long weekend.
Go Live Photos
Take a look back at some of the amazing photos, kudos and firsts of the past seven days by visiting the Island Health Flickr Page.

Situation Room IHealth Huddle
situation-room-ihealth-huddleStaff in the IHealth situation room continue to monitor IHealth implementation. Situation room reports today were fairly positive. NRGH capacity is at 95%. Huge thanks to all staff on the NRGH, Dufferin and Oceanside sites for their commitment and focus as we continue to implement IHealth.
Positive feedback
vgh-mark-blandford“I was at every floor this morning asking nurses to show me how you do this, like I am a 5 year old. And I am happy to report each one was confident and showed how it’s done in the same way. Feedback from the nurses was very positive.” Clinical Director, Victoria General Hospital Mark Blandford
An IHealth Haiku
A Social Media #CernerHaiku from @RafaelSherwin who sums up his experience with the new system via Twitter.
Happy Easter Everyone!

10:29 PM
Highlights of Day 6 Thursday, March 24, 2016
Children from Enchanted Woodland Childcare Centre delivered flowers and thank-you greetings to staff throughout NRGH on Day 6!

  • Kyle with pediatrics team members!
  • Marina with Talia Burke
  • Evan with Deirdre Milne

Shout-outs & Kudos

Dr. Steve Holland reactivated his private clinic using the integrated electronic health record; making it the 1st in Canada to have a single health record between a private specialist health practice and regional health authority. We want to recognize Dr. Holland and his MOA for the leadership, courage and perseverance it took to realize a vision that was over seven years in the making.

Kudos to the Emergency Department

ED experienced one of their most complex trauma patients yesterday. The entire team did a fantastic job using the new system to resuscitate and stabilize the patient. Orders, meds, and blood ordering worked like a symphony. The patient is expected to make a full recovery.

Shout out to Rehab Services

sarah-sheridan“In rehab, everything looked open because there were no carts in the hall, they were in use in the rooms! I am extremely proud of all of the staff!” Sarah Sheridan, Manager Rehab Services





IHealth Cake!!!

ihealth-cakeThe NRGH Surgical Day Care and Post Anesthetic Care Unit had a little party today and one of the awesome nurses -Paige Pearce- made a really beautiful cake. Thank you Paige!!!





People pitching in from across the Island


“It’s nice to see staff coming up here from other sites to help out they can be peer mentors for future activations.” David Forbes, Manager for Clinical Pharmacy Programs

And the winners are…




Each of these fabulous folks have won gift cards after entering our prize draw. Congrats!!
Top L-R: Lynnette Adams—Cafeteria Services, Zon Martires–ER
Bottom: Theresa Prior—Library Services.

9:42 PM
IHealth Activation 1B Update: Summary – March 24, 2016
We are nearing the end of Day 6. At this point, roughly 75% of all Staff and Ordering Providers, who work at NRGH, have worked their first day in this new system. I have heard from several nurses and a few physicians that day one was not easy but things are getting easier with every passing moment. Some staff and physicians who work in areas with particularly complicated workflows and/or intricate orders continue to have a steep learning curve. I want to recognize the many individuals who are demonstrating remarkable perseverance and are showing commitment to ensuring this new system optimally serves our patients, clients, residents and care team members.

I often walk through the halls and notice a scrum of coloured shirts collaborating about a challenge – an interprofessional team with care providers, clinical and provider supports and project team members all working together to determine the best course of action. We are seeing new regional relationships being developed in the process, with a quality lens that is aimed at capturing both local and island-wide perspectives. It is our hope that the system we are crafting will continue to generate the quality improvements that we have already seen at this early stage.

Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE) and the Closed Loop Medication Administration processes comprise many of our key challenges and learning opportunities.

Best regards,


3:40 PM
activation-1b-day-5-thumbVIDEO POSTActivation 1B – Day 5 – The dedication of staff continued to shine on Day 5 as we work toward IHealth’s vision of one person, one record, one plan for health and care. In this recap from Day 5, leaders share their excitement about reaching new milestones and appreciation for staff working together to create new opportunities together.
4:36 AM
Highlights of Day 5 Wednesday, March 23, 2016
On Day 5 we have begun to get a sense and a feel of what the future will look like across Island Health. Today we celebrated the fact that 2/3 of our staff and physicians have been trained. We are hearing numerous instances of staff, physicians and Cerner embracing the changes and truly going above and beyond the call of duty — from the North to South tip of this Island we are making one patient, one record and one plan for health and care a reality for years to come. Island Health on the cutting edge. Dr. Drew Digney updates the Situation Room“We’re on the cutting edge. No other community in the country is doing what is being done here. Today we have accomplished one patient and one chart and one plan across 3 unique sites—acute care, residential care, and urgent care centres. We’re setting the bar for a new Canadian standard. We are truly leading the way at Nanaimo/ Oceanside.”—Dr. Drew Digney. Pharmacy staff in action at NRGH are going above and beyond the call of duty as we make progress on the new system.

Pharmacy is going above and beyond
Pharmacy is going above and beyond

Dr. Carr congratulates 1st IHealth baby – James

Dr. Carr congratulates1st IHealth Baby – James
Dr. Brendan Carr and little James, our very 1st baby born on Vancouver Island who will have one record for the entirety of his lifespan.
Trapper Edison, Manager of Emergency Services
Trapper Edison, Manager of Emergency Services

“Yesterday, a patient arrived at Emergency in an ambulance and was met by a nurse as well as lab services! Our nurse tried to turn the lab technician away to say they had the wrong patient, however, the lab indicated they did have the correct patient. The tech had already received an order that was placed when the patient first arrived. Our new system resulted in the lab test being completed within 6 minutes of arrival.” Trapper Edison – Manager of Emergency Services, NRGH

Social Media Raves

And finally, a reminder about using the ER wisely as we head into the holiday long weekend.


9:19 PM
IHealth Activation 1B Update: Summary – March 23, 2016
It is now the end of Day 5 and we have some great details to share. Over the last two days alone, thanks to our staff and new system, we have prevented at least 24 medication errors! The checks within the system and the bedside, bar-code medication administration process are demonstrating one of the many reasons why we are implementing this new Electronic Health Record (EHR)- we are on a quality journey and the changes we are making are helping us to provide safer care. Just think about the potential quality improvement that this offers us over the course of a week, a month, a year!

Reports also show that verbal orders account for roughly 2.5% of all orders, with most of that 2.5% occurring during emergent situations. This is incredible and representative that the system is being used as intended.

Best Possible Medication History (BPMH) – We have floors that have 100% of patients with a documented medication history. The electronic process and workflow are new – what an amazing achievement that is!

Within Canada, we really are pioneers and are starting to set the bar for how quality care can be delivered. We know there is some discomfort in being first, but we are getting there.

A leader, who came from another geography to help the NRGH teams during this IHealth activation, just left for home after a four day stay. He did not want to leave. He was so very inspired by the teamwork, the resiliency of the many Staff and Ordering Providers, and the dedication to learning through this experience. He was beaming as he left today. Now that is what creating a great place to work and learn is all about!

Thank you to all for being a part of this experience.


10:55 AM
activation-1b-day-4-thumbVIDEO POSTActivation 1B – Day 4 – It’s Day 4 of Activation 1b, and thanks to ongoing communication and positivity, hurdles have been overcome and IHealth’s vision of one person, one record, one plan for health and care is being realized. Damian Lange, Director of Clinical Operations for NRGH and Marci Eckland, Site Director for NRGH share their gratitude to all involved and speak to how it’s all about having the right resources in the right place at the right time.
7:00 AM
Highlights of Day 4 Tuesday, March 22, 2016
Today is day 4 in the new world that is IHealth and, as is to be expected, the mood has shifted somewhat as staff, physicians, and support teams alike continue to move along this enormous change continuum. Good things are happening at NRGH, Dufferin Place and Oceanside Health Centre we activate IHealth at those sites. To read more about IHealth Activation, click here to get to the IHealth Status: Full Activation page to read the IHealth daily summaries and view the video blog. Thank you to all staff and physicians for your continued hard work as we continue along our IHealth journey!
Wristband scanner13 errors prevented
First “KnowMe” story – KnowMe was launched ‘softly’ in four care venues during Activation 1b: palliative care, Oceanside Health Centre (primary care) and both in and outpatient Mental Health and Substance Use. The team has been respectfully supporting the use of KnowMe over the past three days, recognized the incredible challenges that accompanied Go-Live with the new workflows, clinical tools and care conversation. We are so proud and excited to share that our first KnowMe story was completed in palliative care yesterday. It has already demonstrated its value; how it will change the conversation between provider and patient. We were so pleased to work alongside physicians who were the early adopters of KnowMe. It is the foundation for a different type of conversation, connection and relationship between a patient and their health community.endo-first-dayCongratulations to the Endoscopy Department: Monday was the department’s first day using the new IHealth system but that didn’t stop the team from starting and ending the day on time! Way to go team.elf-says-cupcake-dayIt’s Cupcake Day and the IHealth Elf on the Shelf, clad in scrubs, was busy getting the word out to staff and physicians at Oceanside Health Centre, Dufferin Place and Nanaimo Hospital to get the closest cupcake station!
6:35 AM
IHealth Activation 1B Update: Summary – March 22, 2016
Day four was a bit of a whirlwind, bringing with it some challenges in the morning and focused effort to make improvements throughout the afternoon. Patience and perseverance prevailed and I think we are leaving here in a much better place than when the day began. Throughout the adventure, we discovered some great wins – some welcomed improvements that will enhance and expedite some work processes. Our analytics teams also revealed some of the benefits that we were hoping for, specifically alerts firing that prevented medication errors! We also heard that almost 100% of our total staff and ordering providers have now completed their IHealth training! This is representative of the incredible efforts of many – staff, providers, leaders, Informatics supports, Staffing Services, Engagement Lab staff and others. Thank you to all of you for this incredible achievement!! Have a wonderful evening,Sarah
2:12 PM
activation-1b-day-2-thumbVIDEO POSTActivation 1B – Day 2 – As the IHealth team heads into Day 2 of Activation 1b, this video shows how excitement, patience and kindness are the key drivers of a successful implementation. Jess Arril, Executive Project Director for IHealth, speaks to lessons learned on Day 1, spikes in usage and how the culture and camaraderie bode well for future activations. We also hear from Laurie Gehrt, VP Program Executive for Cerner/Orcah Institute on the team’s ability to prioritize and troubleshoot in real time.
4:36 AM
Highlights of Day 3 Monday, March 21, 2016
A loud shout out to staff and physicians for embracing the new IHealth system proactively and positively!

Laurie Gehrt, VP Cerner

“I have seen a lot of other organizations throughout the world do this over the last 25-years,” said Laurie Gehrt, Cerner VP. “I would like to commend this site to be one of the best I’ve seen in my career.”


As of noon today, over 93 per cent of physicians and 98 percent of clinical staff have completed education for Activation 1b! 
As Day 3 dawned, peer mentors began to stand back as staff and physicians began to ride the IHealth Wave on their own.“At our access meeting this morning our site leads said to say thank you on behalf of their staff,” said Dr. Drew Digney. “The support is fantastic. They are seeing the changes coming. It is incredible teamwork at the site.”

Some members of the Response Team
Some members of the Central Support Team

“Every person in the access meeting this morning was on the edge of their seat engaged, and wanting to be a part of this,” said Damian Lange, NRGH Clinical Director.

Staff and physicians were invited to enjoy complimentary coffee and light snacks in the main lobby at NRGH on Monday.

Staff members taking a nutrition break on Monday

Staff and physicians at NRGH were treated to visits from several four-legged furry friends today. These therapy dogs made their rounds throughout NRGH today.



The following message was sent to NRGH leadership on Friday afternoon from Chris Rozema, site director at Campbell River Hospital, in support of the IHealth Activation 1b launch:

Well we are once again at Friday after a long week with many, many patients. But today’s Feel Good Friday isn’t about us. It is about our co-workers at NRGH. Tomorrow, they all jump head first into the IHealth world after months of preparation, work, training, and planning. I know the emotions must be running high in anticipation and I honour their courage. It is not easy to be first. I know that many, many people from sites around Island Health are heading to Nanaimo to support them through this monumental change in the way we care for patients. We are, after all, one big family…..and supporting each other in times of great change is what families do.

I looked for a quote that would be supportive and am liking this one in particular “You hit home runs not by chance but by preparation” – Roger Maris.

The last flurry of preparation is being completed and the big day is approaching. It is time to step out of the dug out onto the ball field. I know the next few weeks are going to be stressful and require all the patience, understanding, and humour they can muster. But I also know that NRGH will hit it out of the park! Let’s keep them in our thoughts, even amidst the hectic reality of our work at CRH. Have a great weekend, everyone, working or not.
– Chris Rozema Site Director, Campbell River Hospital

4:14 AM
IHealth Activation 1B Update: Summary – March 21, 2016
Day three is now complete. Often, in large change initiatives such as IHealth, day three and four are tough. This is a time when teams are fatigued and the change feels exceptionally challenging. Today, however, staff were mostly doing really well. People were reporting that new routines were staring to feel more comfortable – some regular processes were still slow and requiring extra thought and attention, but “business as usual” did not seem that far away. Some physicians reported the same – one self proclaimed “computer-a-phobe” told me how amazing he thought the new system was! We are still encountering system and workflow issues that create unwanted interruptions but people are generally responding with patience and understanding. Technical teams have been very responsive to fixes and changes and we are continuing to gain on the issues logged through Central Support. This responsiveness seems to be helping people through the transition. We continue to prioritize issue resolution and there remain some modifications that need fixes. Please know that all issues logged through Central Support are considered important and although some remain outstanding from Activation 1a, we will keep people dedicated to finding solutions.

Thank you to all for your continued teamwork, patience, perseverance and support,


8:36 AM
Highlights of Day 2 Sunday, March 20, 2016
During activation there are lots of extra people at the NRGH, OHC and Dufferin sites, which means corporate and support service have had increased work volumes. Thank you to our corporate and support services for keeping our organization running and supporting the needs of IHealth activation!support-services-1support-services-2celebration-board-housekeepingSix babies were delivered in 12 hours. All received IHealth first babies baskets. We also had the opportunity to use FetaLink which is a new fetal monitoring system that feeds directly into Cerner. This allows for easy monitoring, including remotely. Many incidents related to labels, orders, bar codes have been resolved. Many thanks to our physicians, staff and support teams who are working side-by-side to continue to work problems into solutions.incidents-graphicAt the same time we are seeing high use of the system. In our first 24 hours after Go-Live, 99% of orders were entered electronically by providers directly. This means we are using the system as intended.provider-orders-bar-chartAnd we’ve hit some great milestones in health care globally:dr-fyfe-tweet-nrgh-standards-4th


The Emergency Department is extremely busy. Staff are continuing to rally to get things done and learn the system.


And we get to welcome some new faces. Dr. Jeremy Etherington, our new Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer visits Oceanside Health Centre to learn about their experiences.


8:15 AM
IHealth Activation 1B Update: Summary – March 20, 2016
There was some increased intensity today. People are exploring the system a little more and this is creating more learning opportunities for all of us. This learning was also evident in the calls that were placed to Central Support – with themes more focused on how the system can be enhanced versus things that needed to be fixed.

Luckily, slightly lower than normal overall site capacity helped to take the edge off as did the many off-shift staff who came in with home-baking and offers of support.

With the promise of more people and perhaps more complexities that come with the normal hustle and bustle of a Monday, we will be focused on helping each other the best we can and understanding new workflows in areas that have been closed over the weekend. The massage chairs that have been set up for staff have been in full swing today and are likely to be very popular over the next few days.

The attached summary is significantly shorter tonight and has a greater emphasis on Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE) which continues to give us the greatest concentration of questions and calls to Central Support.

Best regards,


10:39 PM
IHealth Activation 1B Update: Summary – March 19, 2016
Here we are – almost the close of day one of this amazing new world. Although people have had a busy day, there is an overwhelming feeling of pride. There was some stress and haste but there were also many moments of calm. People were behind – many were taking longer to write orders and find one’s way through documentation yet there was significant amounts of positive feedback! People felt supported and inspired by the potential of our new system and, we know, we have opportunities for improvement. I simply cannot believe it! What an incredible accomplishment for all of us to feel proud of.

The lessons were plentiful. Those who worked today will likely find tomorrow a little easier and we will support those who will be experiencing the new functionality for the first time.

Until then – Congratulations! What an amazing team!



5:14 PM
Highlights of Day 1 Saturday, March 19, 2016
A heartfelt thank you to nurses, physicians, clinical and support staff at NRGH, Oceanside Health Centre and Dufferin Place for managing this transition to IHealth while at the same time providing high quality care and services to patients. “Wow, we did it!” said Suzanne Fox, Executive Director, IHealth. “Keep logging, keep rounding and keep smiling!”

“The NRGH Access and Transitions Liaison Nurses gather a social worker, RN informaticist and subject matter expert to compare notes and celebrate IHealth’s potential to improve care transitions for patients.”
“The NRGH Access and Transitions Liaison Nurses gather a social worker, RN informaticist and subject matter expert to compare notes and celebrate IHealth’s potential to improve care transitions for patients.”
These staff members take a moment to choose some tea and a treat from the goody basket.
These staff members take a moment to choose some tea and a treat from the goody basket.


Thank you to all those who attended the IHealth Ib kick-off event at NRGH on Friday evening. Guests included Board Chair Don Hubbard, Nanaimo Mayor Bill McKay, physicians, nurses, clinical support staff and the IHealth Steering Committee. The audience received a video message from President and CEO Dr. Brendan Carr, offering his congratulations and deepest appreciation for everyone’s extraordinary efforts. Ten “IHealth Survivor Kits” were drawn during the event.



IHealth Firsts – At a Glance

  •  The first IHealth baby was announced at the kickoff event Friday evening. A baby girl born to a Nanaimo family was entered into the IHealth system at 3 pm on Friday, becoming the first baby born whose life will be documented on her new EHR. The family will be presented with an IHealth baby basket. And this baby wasn’t the only one wanting to be among the first IHealth babies at NRGH. By Saturday morning, the race was on with five women in labour on the Perinatal Unit! “If we are going to test the system today we decided to test it with as many patients as possible,” said Shauna Kazeil, Unit Manager. “People are kind, supportive and patient.”
  •  The first official order enter from the Emergency Department at NRGH was a discharge input by Dr. Drew Digney at approximately 5:37 am.


  • The first successful electronic prescription was entered by Dr. Alex Hoechsmann!
Dr. Hoechsmann speaks with colleagues
Dr. Hoechsmann speaks with colleagues
  • The first barcode entry completion took place Saturday morning by Brad, RN in the emergency department. While there were a few bumps in getting the first barcode , the team was able to work it through with the assistance of technical support teams on site.
  • Jill Brekker first IHealth sepsis alert fired after the new system came online Saturday morning, for a patient who presented at 5:07 am. By 12 noon, five sepsis alerts had fired.
  • Jan Bolton: First Liaison consult logged.
  • By mid-morning, 79 per cent of medications was being barcoded and administered through scanning successfully.
  • As of Saturday morning, Lab turnaround times were about seven minutes faster than they were prior to the implementation of IHealth. “These turnaround times, combined with order entry, will significantly improve the time between an order being placed and a result being available,” said Catherine Claiter-Larsen, VP Quality Systems and Chief Information Officer.
Lab staff at NRGH
Lab staff at NRGH
  • A patient encounter in the Emergency Department on Saturday morning saw diagnostic x-rays ordered, taken, returned to the physician and treatment started, all within 17 minutes. “That’s why we’re doing what we’re doing!” said Suzanne Fox. The parents of the patients were said they were very impressed by how quickly the x-rays were completed.
  • The first FetaLink monitoring on the perinatal unit occurred at 10:50 am.
  •  The Renal Unit treated its first IHealth inpatient at 1130 am. The first IHealth ICU dialysis also occurred Saturday.
  •  The first IHealth surgery got underway at 10:10 am. The first IHealth surgical add-on to the operating room slate occurred Saturday morning. “We have great resources up here,” said Suzie Vinden, OR Manager. “We’ll keep plugging away.”

Thank Yous!

  •  Thank you to physicians for completing rounding in the emergency department early Saturday morning resulting in rapid rounding and discharge to ensure patient flow. “I came in this morning and it was calm and collected,” said Trapper Edison, ED Manager. “A shout-out to Drew (Digney). He came in at 530 this morning and helped clear out the ED. That changed the landscape of the day.”
  •  Thank you to the many staff and physicians who came to work today on their own time to support their colleagues.
  • Thank you to all staff for supporting each other.
Staff support each other on IHealth Ib Activation Day
Staff support each other on IHealth Ib Activation Day
  • Thank you to our IMIT colleagues for your 24/7 support!


  • Thank you to the Vendors who were on site today to ensure that all of the new technology was working.
7:32 AM
Activation 1B is LIVE!
activation-1b-go-live-thumbVIDEO POST IHealth Go-Live March 19, 2016. This retrospective video of the go-live process includes an acknowledgment from Dr. Brendan Carr, President & CEO of the work and commitment of the Island Health team to launch one of the most important transformation initiatives in our organizations history.
6:17 AM
IHealth Activation 1B Update: Summary – Pre-Go-Live
The countdown clock says it is less than 32 minutes until we Go-Live with the new IHealth functionality at NRGH, Dufferin Place and Oceanside Urgent Care.

This moment really marks the end of an era for these sites and the communities within which they sit. I’m sure there will be elements of our current state that we will miss but the carrot of improved safety and quality care for our patients, clients and residents is simply to amazing to pass up.

The IHealth team was awake late last evening with many team members awake through the night, finishing up last minute details so that we are ready for when the clock strikes 0000.

There are a lot of smiles this morning, and a healthy balance of confidence and nervousness. We also know that some people are tipped closer to one of those poles than the other – this is normal and expected. There is a sea of colourful shirted people onsite, ready to help people through this. AND, this is our first experience with this type of change in Island Health. It won’t be perfect. There will be issues. We will learn and we will do what is right by our the people we are here to serve.

Thank you again to all for helping us get to this moment. After typing this (with a few interruptions in the process), it is now 0558hrs. Hold on to your hats folks. Here we go!!!

Best of luck to all!!!


9:18 AM
IHealth Activation 1B Update: Summary – March 16, 2016
It is now 1 day and 10 hours until we Go-Live with the IHealth new functionality at NRGH, Dufferin Place and Oceanside Urgent care. There is a palpable sense of anticipation and excitement in the air. Teams are working diligently to ensure we are ready for this next important stage in our IHealth journey.

Many team IHealth team members, Cerner team members, Island Health staff and leaders (from all across the Island) are flocking to Nanaimo. If not so already, by noon tomorrow, it will be quite obvious that something amazing is about to happen at our Activation 1B sites.

We know that the next few days and weeks will bring immense learning, and likely some bumps that we will weather together. We may need the odd reminder to breath, to use the critical thinking that we rely on every day in our amazing world of health care, and to reach out when we need help.

As I rush off to spend some precious moments with family before the flurry of this phase really begins, I wish you good-night.

Sarah Crawford-Bohl

1:04 PM
Full activation at NRGH, Dufferin Place and Oceanside Urgent Care set for Saturday morning, March 19.

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