IHealth Device Deployment Update

As you may know, a regional device demonstration lab has been set up at NRGH! This ‘Engagement Lab’ not only demonstrates many of the new devices supporting IHealth, but also showcases some of the new Cerner applications. The NRGH Engagement Lab is located in Room B013 (in the basement).

We are very pleased to have also secured a space at RJH for an Engagement Lab – the old Tim Hortons location in the D&T. This location is being developed and should be ready soon.

Workstation on WheelsAdditionally, working with a multidisciplinary team of stakeholders and subject matter experts, a new mobile cart (also known as a workstation on wheels) has been created to support IHealth. These new carts are lightweight, modular in design, and can be used while sitting or standing! The computers on the carts present a 22” touch screen, are washable, and have modular hot-swap batteries integrated into the top of the unit – this means they do not have to be plugged in for 3 or 4 hours to recharge!

The carts will prove invaluable for nurses handling bedside documentation, facilitating medication delivery to patients and “closed loop” medication safety. Plus the carts can be used by a variety of other provider groups, offering a mobile large screen that will also run Dragon dictation.

The IHealth device team is currently preparing a deployment schedule: while the focus is on deployment at NRGH, the project has also procured extra carts so that it can commence replacing your favorite old blue carts region-wide. We aim to being putting new carts out at NRGH and regionally very soon!

Alex H and teamMeanwhile, with Dr. Alex Hoechsmann, Physician Lead for Change Management, leading the charge, the IHealth Device team has been travelling around Island Health sites, showcasing the future devices and speaking to physician audiences about how they will be using the new Cerner applications.

On a final note, the device team has been engaging many other groups in demonstrating and piloting the new devices at a number of Island Health locations.

DevicesIt has been gratifying for us to see how overwhelmingly positive the response has been – excitement about IHealth is growing in leaps and bounds!

Stay tuned! In our next update we will report on how the deployments are going.