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Cerner Capacity Management (CCM)

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    CCM Go-Live Gallery

    What's going live?

    On Friday June 24, Cerner Capacity Management, which works with the electronic health record, will replace Teletracking at RJH and VGH.

    This change applies to:

    • Nursing, HCAs and allied health staff
    • Patient and materiel porters
    • Environmental services (Housekeeping)
    •  BioMed

    CCM benefits include:

    • Greater transparency of patient flow
    • Integration with PowerChart, FirstNet, PM Office and other Cerner applications
    • Ability to order equipment electronically
    • Real-time updates of portering and housekeeping status

    Manager Checklist for CCM

    Are you wondering how to prepare your team for the launch of CCM? 

    Consult this practical Manager Checklist. It provides a concrete list of actions you can take to be ready for the launch on June 24


    In-Person Training

    Completion of in-person training is mandatory for: Registration and Patient Placement staff
    Completion of in-person training is mandatory for: Portering and Environmental Services

    On-Line Training

    eLearning modules for nursing, clinical and allied health staff are posted below. For each eLearning module, clinical staff will need access to CCM Usernames and Practice Patients (Intranet sign-in required).

    • Completion of applicable Clinical eLearning Curriculums is mandatory for: CSOs, NUAs, CNLs, CNEs and Frequent Charge Nurses
    • All staff who use materiel porter services are strongly recommended to complete the Equipment Transport Request eLearning module (30min)

    Ancilliary, Allied Health, Ambulatory Care, and HCAs

    Training Session Recordings

    Some training sessions delivered by Zoom are being recorded  — more will be added as sessions continue.  Island Health sign-in required. [Note: You may experience buffering on these videos. Please press “pause” for a few minutes and allow the video to load, or download the video to your device.]

    Support for Cerner Capacity Management

    Quick Resource Guides (QRGs)
    QRG sheets for staff are available on the IHealth project SharePoint page: RJH and VGH CCM On Site Resources (Island Health log-in required).

    Go-Live Updates (Hot Sheets)
    Hot Sheets are produced throughout the go-live period in response to end-user experience, addressing chief questions and issues. They are available on the IHealth Intranet pages: Go-Live Updates (sign in required)

    CCM Questions
    For questions regarding the activation of Cerner Capacity Management, please contact the CCM Project Team at IHealthCCMProject@islandhealth.ca
    For questions about change management and assisting your team with this change, please contact IHealth Change Manager Alison Gyte at alison.gyte@islandhealth.ca