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Cowichan District Hospital

Electronic Clinical Documentation (ClinDoc) to "go-live" at CDH September 26, 2022

Electronic clinical documentation (ClinDoc) is part of a gradual change from paper charting toward phased activation of the electronic health record (EHR) system at Cowichan District Hospital.  

For medical, nursing and allied health staff, ClinDoc includes documentation such as :

  • admission
  • transfers
  • consultation
  • progress notes
  • violent behaviour
  • assessments
  • discharge assessments
  • informal team communication

Meet the IHealth Team

During the CDH ClinDoc go-live period, you’ll see some new faces around the hospital, wearing vests that identify the type of support they provide. They are: 

  • Clinical Informatics:  black vests, supporting all staff with ClinDoc
  • Provider Education and Experience (ProEX): black vests, supporting medical staff
  • IHealth Project team: blue vests supporting operational leadership, devices, logistics, communications and change management etc.

Medical staff workstation device locations

With space at CDH at a premium, many people have asked where additional computer workstations will be located. The IHealth devices team has worked closely with CDH administration and medical staff to place additional workstations in places that balance accessibility, privacy and space needs. Maps are available for 2S, 3S, 3N, Psych and ER.

Education and Training

IHealth Support Centre and Learning Lab: Extended Hours

Skill Sharpener sessions for nursing, clinical and allied health staff

Skill Sharpeners build on your education after you complete the online ClinDoc curriculum. Skill Sharpeners are onsite in the Learning Lab at CDH except for  the “Documenting an eBPMH Enhanced Course”, which is virtual.

For nursing, HCA and allied health staff

Training for nursing and clinical staff must be complete before go-live. Sign up here:

All clinical staff will need usernames and passwords to access a practice (PLYIH) domain to complete activities related to their area of work. User names and passwords for PLYIH can be accessed here: CDH Clinical Care Team ClinDoc Toolkit.

How long will training take?
Training for nursing and clinical staff takes approximately 4 to 6 hours to complete.

Best Possible Medication History (BPMH)

Nursing and clinical staff may register for and complete the Best Possible Medication History (eBPMH) eLearning course as part of their ClinDoc training. The BPMH course takes approximately one hour to complete.

Medical Staff Readiness Activities

The medical staff (physicians, nurse practitioners, midwives and medical learners) at Cowichan District Hospital can refer to this visual of their “readiness activities and timeline”. 

The medical staff (physicians, nurse practitioners, midwives and medical learners) at Cowichan District Hospital can refer to this visual to plan their training activities.