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Standard Laptop

Device applications:

  • Non-clinical leadership roles with a mobility requirement
  • Work-from-home scenarios for support staff, to be used in conjunction with monitor(s), separate mouse and keyboard.

Key Characteristics

  • Mobility: allows work in a variety of environments

Not considered appropriate for

  • Clinical areas due to IPAC concerns. 
  • Prolonged or cumulative use (greater than two hours) due to ergonomic concerns. 

Key Reasons

  • Not “wipable”
  • Not intended for more than incidental use

Specific Device Assessment Considerations

Physical Requirements



Occupational Health and Safety Requirements

  • Height adjustable so surface is from X to Y above floor
  • Screen adjustable between X and Y above surface

Infection Prevention and Control

  • Can be cleaned using XXXX

Medication Safety / Pharmacy Requirements


Physical Security Requirements


Operational Requirements

  •  Supports user-replaceable hot-swap of batteries to enable full-shift power

IT Security and Privacy Requirements

Device Specifications - Computer

Current Model Dell Latitude 7420 laptop
Base Attributes
Minimum Processor / Cores i5-1145G7
Memory 16GB
Resolution 1920x1080 (22")
Storage 512GB
Operating system support Windows 10 SAC
Software Support
Windows applications / Proprietary software / Connections to virtual applications Windows applications, web-based applications. virtual applications
Network Connectivity
Wired / WiFi / Cellular WiFi
Connectors (with count)
USB-A / USB-C / Serial
Embedded Screens
0/1/2 1
Maximum Number of External Screens
Internal Peripheral Support
Long PCIe Cards (for connecting microscopes, etc.) N
Tap card reader Integrated
External Peripherals
Keyboard Washable
Mouse Washable
Camera Integrated
Tap card reader
Barcode scanner -- Tethered / Bluetooth / Integrated
AC / Battery / Hot-swappable Batteries Battery
Battery Life
4 hours / 8 hours / 12 hours
Washability / IPAC
IP67 (water resistant) / Virox Wipe compatible / UV cleaning / Other
Direct / Remote Remote
Active Directory / Local Account Active Directory
Support Characteristics
Local support / Dispatch support / Vendor shipping support / No support Local and dispatch support
Same day / Next day / Next business day / Best effort Same day / Next business day
Sparing during repair / Whole unit exchange / No sparing Sparing
Calibration support
Printing Requirement
Wired / Wireless