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Working Safely With Devices

The Island Health Intranet, available to all Island Health staff, contains a number of resources that help users with correct ergonomic set-up of computer workstations, and safety considerations. (Island Health username and password required for access to web links)

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Computer Workstation

Most Island Health work-related injuries are related to musculoskeletal injuries, and preventing these is a priority focus. Identifying risk factors associated with computer workstations, and eliminating or minimizing them, promotes a safe and occupationally disease-free work environment.

Workstation Self Assessment

Set up your computer workstation to fit you perfectly.

Use the form in this app to assess the ergonomics of your workstation and review with your manager.


Office Workspace Inspection

Use this inspection checklist when setting up a new office workstation, addressing office workstation concerns, or as part of regular workplace inspections.

Using an IMC Safely

Working with an IMS requires frequent cart adjustment in order to maintain good poster and reduce stress and strain on your body.  This sheet of tips includes checklists and photos of correct use.

Workstation Furniture Setup

A more detailed guidance document, required for the construction of all new buildings/areas and renovated spaces.  Miniize staff safety risks and injuries, reduce costs, provide functional workspaces and meeting Occupational Health and Safety regulations.