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Device applications:

  • Specialties with specific high-performance application requiremetns such as radiologists

Key Characteristics

  • High computing power
  • High graphic performance
  • Vendor support requirements

Not considered appropriate for

  • Workflows without special requirements

Key Reasons

  • Additional cost

Specific Device Assessment Considerations

Physical Requirements



Occupational Health and Safety Requirements

Infection Prevention and Control

Medication Safety / Pharmacy Requirements


Physical Security Requirements


Operational Requirements

IT Security and Privacy Requirements

Device Specifications - Computer

Current Model Dell 5820 Workstation
Base Attributes
Minimum Processor / Cores W-2145 (3.7 GHz - 4.5 GHz Turbo, 11 MB)
Memory 32GB
Resolution 2560 X 1440
Storage 512GB
Operating system support Windows 10 SAC
Software Support
Windows applications / Proprietary software / Connections to virtual applications Windows applications, web-based applications. virtual applications
Network Connectivity
Wired / WiFi / Cellular
Connectors (with count)
USB-A / USB-C / Serial
Embedded Screens
Maximum Number of External Screens
Internal Peripheral Support
Long PCIe Cards (for connecting microscopes, etc.)
Tap card reader
External Peripherals
Camera External
Tap card reader Integrated
Barcode scanner -- Tethered / Bluetooth / Integrated
AC / Battery / Hot-swappable Batteries AC
Battery Life
4 hours / 8 hours / 12 hours
Washability / IPAC
IP67 (water resistant) / Virox Wipe compatible / UV cleaning / Other
Direct / Remote Remote
Active Directory / Local Account Active Directory
Support Characteristics
Local support / Dispatch support / Vendor shipping support / No support Local and dispatch support
Same day / Next day / Next business day / Best effort Same day / Next business day
Sparing during repair / Whole unit exchange / No sparing Sparing
Calibration support
Printing Requirement
Wired / Wireless