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Physicians from mid-Island support launch of clinical documentation at Victoria hospitals
Drs. Ai Van Shelly Mark (l-r), Ian Bekker and Ryan Gallagher (missing from photo was Dr. Osmaan Sheikh) shared their experience and offered support at VGH in the first few days of clinical documentation ‘go-live’.

The work underway at Island Health to implement the Electronic Health Record (EHR), including a cross continuum of clinical systems, is groundbreaking and will change the way we deliver care in Vancouver Island communities, in the Province and potentially across the country. This work could not be done without the leadership, dedication and engagement of medical staff across Island Health.

As medical staff, your involvement in implementations of the EHR is critical to the success of the project. It links directly to improving the quality of care and standardization of information in all aspects of patient care at Island Health.

Support for medical staff following clinical documentation go-live

Continued Learning:

Provider Skill Sharpeners are available for individuals or groups. To request a Skill Sharpener session, email

New physicians:

ProEX works with the Island Health credentialing team to ensure that new physicians receive their education prior to their first shift.

eCoach in the EHR:

eCoach provides on-screen support tips within PowerChart and FirstNet – a great first source for help prior to contacting the Clinical Service Desk. You will find it in the grey navigation bar at the top of Cerner PowerChart and FirstNet.

Training for medical staff

To book your training:

Step 1:

Register for the ClinDoc facilitated virtual education session specific to your specialization (links below)You need a LearningHub account. If you don’t already have one, sign up using the link below. You can refer to the account set-up directions.  If you are having trouble, email and they will help you.

Links to facilitated virtual education session registration

Step 2: 
Once you have registered for your facilitated education session, you may start completing  your prerequisite self-guided e-learning modules right away. All modules need to be complete prior to your scheduled virtual facilitated education session.


Prerequisite links

Clinical Documentation Skill Sharpeners:

Individual Skill Sharpeners

Individual skill sharpeners available (In person as support is on site, or via zoom)

  • On Site Rounding
  • Ongoing ProEX onsite presence and rounding for informal skill sharpeners
  • Scheduled Data Driven Engagements 
  • Targeted engagement using HIM Utilization data and on-call schedule
  • 4-6 weeks post activation utilize Cerner Advance and to do targeted skill sharpening
  • Individual Skill Sharpener Sessions Upon Request 

Group Skill Sharpener Concepts

15 Minute to 1 Hour Increment Skill Sharpeners

  1. Question & Answer Session and Where to Find Nursing Documentation.
  2. Documentation:
    How to; Add addendums, mark documents in error, add documentation, copy to another physician and  how to re-name a document.
    How to find documents and documenting on the Right Encounter
  3. Optimize Dragon and AutoText:
    Cerner AutoText, Dragon Step-by-step commands, Add word, Manage vocabulary
  4. Patient List:
    Proxy, relationship
  5. Finding Results in Provider View vs Results Review:
    CareConnect, Filters
  6. Message Centre:
    Saved vs Sign Documents, Deficient documents
  7. eMOST and Advance Care Planning (ACP):
    eMOST, Advance Care Planning PowerForm
  8. Provider View:
    Quick links, Filters
  9. Admission Medication Reconciliation Process
  10. Problem and Diagnosis Control

MyHealth Patient Portal Training:

Island Health medical staff now have the ability to select their authored clinical notes for release to patients who are enrolled in the MyHealth patient portal. The 12 clinical note types available for release in Phase One are:
  • Admission Note
  • Cardiology Consult
  • Discharge Summary
  • Gastroenterology Consult
  • General Surgery Consult
  • Internal Medicine Consult
  • Nephrology Consult
  • Operative and Discharge Note
  • Operative Report
  • Orthopedic Consult
  • Procedure Note
  • Respirology Consult

This will prepare you for creating MyHealth released notes through the review of best practices for patient-centred clinical documentation. It also includes information on how to select note types that will be released to the MyHealth portal.

Resources for medical staff

IHealth Medical Specialty Leads

Medical staff representing surgical and medical specialties are working to harmonize clinical documentation practices and order sets in the EHR.

IHealth "Go-Live" Hot Sheets

View tips and information for medical staff during Clinical Documentation implementations.  

Medical Staff of Island Health

 Learn about IHealth news and important announcements in the News section on Island Health’s dedicated website for medical staff.

Inviting feedback and input from medical staff

As you begin working in the EHR, you will be directly involved in improving the quality of care and the standardization of information across the region. Multi-disciplinary teams will see more information made available to them, as we activate more EHR modules across Island Health services and locations.

You’re invited to provide feedback and input that can improve the EHR, including suggestions for enhancements to the system that improve functionality, user experience, and safety. Please contact us with your suggestions.

IHealth stories featuring medical staff

Read these recent stories featuring medical staff and their experiences with IHealth:

Dr. Pooya Kazemi

Specialty Leads Work Collaboratively on Clinical Documentation and Order Sets

Medical staff who represent different surgical and medical specialties will work with their colleagues to harmonize electronic clinical documentation practices and digitized order sets within their specialties.

Physicians from mid-Island support launch of clinical documentation at Victoria hospitals

Medical staff "paying it back, paying it forward"

​Physicians rounding together during the first days of ‘go-live’ in early October at Victoria General Hospital (VGH) were able to share perspectives from the IHealth project’s past, present, and future transition to electronic clinical documentation.

Health care providers consult computer

Island Health medical students’ ER experience improved with EHR change

Medical students in some of Island Health’s busiest emergency departments are now able to practice their documenting skills with electronic clinical documentation, thanks to a recommendation from three ER physicians who advocated for an enhancement to the Cerner Electronic Health Record (EHR).

Joelle Dennis

Victoria OB/GYN powers up her clinical documentation using templates

Obstetrician and gynecology specialist Dr. Joelle Dennie has taken her use of the electronic health record (EHR) to the next level. She recently discovered tools in the Cerner PowerChart program that automate and streamline the way she handles clinical documentation.