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IHealth Medical Specialty Leads

Since March 2022, 44 members of Island Health’s medical staff have been hired as IHealth Specialty Leads, supporting efforts to advance integrated, region-wide use of the Cerner electronic health record across programs and services. Medical staff who represent different surgical and medical specialties work with their colleagues to harmonize electronic clinical documentation practices and digitized order sets within their specialties.

IHealth Specialty Department Leads

Department Specialty Lead
Anesthesia, Pain, & Perioperative Medicine Dr. Pooya Kazemi
Critical Care Dr. Tom Kuca
Emergency Dr. Drew Digney
Imaging Medicine Dr. Jeffrey Hu
Laboratory Medicine Dr. Michael Chen
Specialist Obstetrics Dr. Regina Renner
Primary Care Perinatal Brandi Wasyluk (RM)
Medicine TBD
Pediatrics Dr. Peter MacDougall and Dr. Gaby Yang
Primary Care Dr. Kevin Garneau-Begin
Psychiatry Dr. Lonn Myronuk
Surgery Dr. Kellie Whitehill
Medical Genetics Dr. Katherine Blood

IHealth Specialty Leads - Divisions of Medicine

Department Specialty Lead
General Internal Medicine Dr. Benjamin Sugars
Hospitalist South Island Dr. Karen McIntyre
Hospitalist South Island Dr. Chloe Lemire-Elmore
Hospitalist NRGH Dr. Andre De Wit
Cardiology Dr. Lauren Dewart and Dr. Peter Gladstone
Specialist Obstetrics Dr. Lauren Dewart
Endocrine & Metabolism Dr. Galina Smushkin
Gastroenterology Dr. Dustin Loomes
Nephrology In Progress
Neurology Dr. Keiran Tuck
Palliative Medicine Dr. Katelyn Mueller
Respirology Dr. Kewan Aboulhosn
Geriatric Medicine Dr. Alyson Osborne
Hematology/Oncology/Oncologic Radiology Dr. Lisa Earle and Dr. Uma Belgaumkar
Infectious Disease Dr. Ryan LeBlanc
Rehabilitation Medicine Dr. Jesse Ennis
Addictions Medicine Dr. Ramm Hering
Dermatology TBD
Rheumatology TBD

IHealth Specialty Leads - Divisions of Surgery

Department Specialty Lead
General Surgery Dr. Sohrab Khorasani
Gynecology Dr. Emily Sandwith
Ophthalmology Dr. Rusty Ritenour
Orthopedics Dr. Stephen Burnett
Urology Dr. Linda C. Lee
Cardiac Surgery Dr. Michael Perchinsky
Neurosurgery Dr. Evan Frangou
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Dr. Anthony Rea
Otolaryngology Dr. Roy Cheung
Pediatric Surgery Dr. Brent Weatherhead
Plastic Surgery Dr. Jorga Zabojova
Thoracic Surgery Dr. Shaun Coughlin
Vascular Surgery Dr. Matthew J. Robinson
Dentistry Dr. Antony J. Nadolski
Podiatry TBD