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In each issue, you will find:

  • Access to up-to-date, useful information on IHealth as it rolls out across Island Health
  • Stories of how staff are working with the electronic health record, and improving the quality of patient care, as well as updating their own clinical practice
  • Resources that will help your team during an IHealth go-live

Scroll down for the current IHealth News, as well as links to past issues.

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Latest Issue

  • RJH and VGH look ahead to major IHealth activations in 2023
  • VIDEO: Celebrating CDH IHealth go-live
  • Tap N Go saves time for Island Health staff
  • Connecting the Cowichan Valley: Chemainus goes live with “ClinDoc”
  • What are order sets, what does “harmonization” mean and why does it matter?

Previous Issues (including IHealth News for Medical Staff)

IHealth Rollout RJH VGH

IHealth News for Medical Staff, Issue 8

  • Thank you video from Drs. Bos & Mc Ardle
  • Gorge Road and VGH AP/LDR go live
  • Details on 2022/23 activations expected
  • IHealth support continues at RJH & VGH
  • Medical staff skill sharpeners
  • Post-education survey for CME credits
IHealth News for Medical Staff, Issue 7

  • Holiday wishes from RJH & VGH site chiefs
  • Medical students’ EHR experience in ED
  • ClinDoc comes to Port Alice
  • Keeping your device in top shape
IHealth News for Medical Staff, Issue 6

  • Post-activation feedback for RJH & VGH
  • Where is IHealth next?
  • Historical pregnancy documents added to OB workflow
  • Creating autotexts in the EHR
Port Alice Health Centre

IHealth News for Medical Staff, Issue 5

  • Go-live support transitions for RJH & VGH
  • Skill sharpening sessions
  • Devices update at RJH & VGH
  • New work list for LTC medical staff

IHealth News for Medical Staff, Issue 4

  • Medical staff “Paying it back, paying it forward”
  • Support changes for go-live at RJH
  • Nursing and clinical staff live at VGH
  • Finding nursing documentation in the EHR
  • Hot Sheets available online
  • You said it
Physician charting

IHealth News for Medical Staff, Issue 3

  • Go-live at VGH
  • Message of appreciation from Drs. Mc Ardle and Bos
  • IHealth system enhancements
  • Go-live reminders
  • Using a Workstation on Wheels (WoW)
  • IHealth “Hot Sheet’ updates
At the drop in support centre

IHealth News for Medical Staff, Issue 2

  • Go-live at RJH
  • Finding support
  • Creating an electronic progress note
  • Readiness survey results
  • You said it

IHealth News for Medical Staff, Issue 1

  • RJH/VGH readiness assessment survey
  • Finding nursing documented information
  • On-site and remote support for clinical documentation
  • You said it