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In each issue, you will find:

  • Access to up-to-date, useful information on IHealth as it rolls out across Island Health
  • Stories of how staff are working with the electronic health record, and improving the quality of patient care, as well as updating their own clinical practice
  • Resources that will help your team during an IHealth go-live

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Latest Issue

  • Visit the NEW IHealth website
  • See what’s next for IHealth in “One year at a glance”
  • Patients can now view medical-staff authored notes in MyHealth
  • The Go-Live Gallery
  • About IHealth News

Previous Issues (including IHealth News for Medical Staff)

IHealth Rollout RJH VGH

IHealth News for Medical Staff, Issue 8

  • Thank you video from Drs. Bos & Mc Ardle
  • Gorge Road and VGH AP/LDR go live
  • Details on 2022/23 activations expected
  • IHealth support continues at RJH & VGH
  • Medical staff skill sharpeners
  • Post-education survey for CME credits

IHealth News for Medical Staff, Issue 7

  • Holiday wishes from RJH & VGH site chiefs
  • Medical students’ EHR experience in ED
  • ClinDoc comes to Port Alice
  • Keeping your device in top shape

IHealth News for Medical Staff, Issue 6

  • Post-activation feedback for RJH & VGH
  • Where is IHealth next?
  • Historical pregnancy documents added to OB workflow
  • Creating autotexts in the EHR
Port Alice Health Centre

IHealth News for Medical Staff, Issue 5

  • Go-live support transitions for RJH & VGH
  • Skill sharpening sessions
  • Devices update at RJH & VGH
  • New work list for LTC medical staff

IHealth News for Medical Staff, Issue 4

  • Medical staff “Paying it back, paying it forward”
  • Support changes for go-live at RJH
  • Nursing and clinical staff live at VGH
  • Finding nursing documentation in the EHR
  • Hot Sheets available online
  • You said it
Physician charting

IHealth News for Medical Staff, Issue 3

  • Go-live at VGH
  • Message of appreciation from Drs. Mc Ardle and Bos
  • IHealth system enhancements
  • Go-live reminders
  • Using a Workstation on Wheels (WoW)
  • IHealth “Hot Sheet’ updates
At the drop in support centre

IHealth News for Medical Staff, Issue 2

  • Go-live at RJH
  • Finding support
  • Creating an electronic progress note
  • Readiness survey results
  • You said it

IHealth News for Medical Staff, Issue 1

  • RJH/VGH readiness assessment survey
  • Finding nursing documented information
  • On-site and remote support for clinical documentation
  • You said it