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EHR Learning – Frequently Asked Questions

EHR Learning - for Nursing, Clinical and Allied Health Staff

The IHealth Learning Portal is a web-based learning platform used to deliver role-based EHR Learning Journey content such as videos, interactive simulations and links to self-directed online learning resources, which include workbooks, workflow activities and job aids.

There are two ways to access the IHealth Learning Portal using your system log-in credentials:

  1. Click the Learning Journey Dashboard link in the IHealth Learning Portal Welcome email.
  2. Click the IHealth Learning Portal icon in Citrix Workspace.

Refer to the documents Accessing EHR Training Remotely or Accessing EHR Training On-Site for detailed step-by-step instructions.

You will find Help Pages and a Getting Started video in the IHealth Learning Portal Help dropdown located on the top right of your screen.

If you have any issues accessing the IHealth Learning Portal or require assistance, please email:

Members of the learning team will be on site in RJH-PCC150 and VGH S263 to answer drop-in questions and provide some in-person support to those completing training. Hours of support are Monday to Friday 8 a.m. – 11 p.m. 

For more information, watch the Introduction to IHealth Learning Portal video: https://vimeo.com/877320564

An email from the IHealth Learning team will be sent to you notifying when you can begin your learning journey in the Learning Portal. When you first log in, you will see your user dashboard.

On your dashboard you will find assigned learning journey(s) along with information regarding your current stage(s), stage progress and next-stage open dates. You can also view and access completed journeys.

To open a new learning journey, click the journey name link on your dashboard. Your first stage opens and your eLearning modules appear. The coloured bar indicates where you are within your journey: green indicates a completed stage, blue indicates your current stage and grey indicates a future stage. The percentage of completion is shown in the stage progress section.

Stage 1 eLearning modules are a combination of training videos and interactive simulations.
Stage 2 Self-directed online learning gives you hands-on practice in a training domain. You will complete an online workbook and take a quiz at the end of each workbook module that covers the topics you learned.
Stage 3 Facilitated workflow reviews or Skill Sharpeners are facilitated by Clinical Transformation Team (CTT) members and follow a “day-in-the-life” style education.
Stage 4 Reinforcement and ongoing practice is optional but encouraged, to help you solidify your new knowledge by using the learning materials and resources from previous stages.

The current stage overview is displayed with the Progress status and estimated time to complete the stage. To the left of the Stage Overview, the activities list is displayed. Once a stage is completed, 100% is displayed in the stage progress indicator. All required activities must be completed to progress to the next stage. Optional activities are labeled.

The Clinical Transformation Team (CTT) is made up of nursing, clinical and allied health staff whose purpose is to facilitate your learning journey with peer-to-peer support. They work with CNEs and the IHealth project team to help create successful learning experiences.

Bootcamps are in-person facilitated education sessions required for CTT members and CNEs/Department education delegates. The goal is to support transfer of knowledge through presentation, discussion and return demonstrations of departmental workflows from the Clinical Informatics team to CTT members, CNEs and education delegates.


Workflow Review activities, also referred to as Stage 3 learning, is a series of training sessions facilitated by CTT members, CNEs and education delegates to frontline staff. The Clinical Informatics team continues to provide support to CTTs and CNEs to be able to answer key questions regarding adoption of new workflows in departments. These activities are mandatory and must be completed before go live dates.


No, the focus of eLearning modules and workbook content and activities is foundational learning that will not change over the course of training timelines. It represents Island-wide approved use of PowerChart design, build, and tools.

The department workflows that will be introduced in boot camp education and delivered by CTTs will include more specific departmental content in addition to what was introduced in the learning journey.

The goal of this activity is putting it all together in clinical practice.

  • Project analysts will help us to track training across departments.
  • Support admin level of access has been granted to Clinical Leaders and CNEs to allow for direct visibility into training completion.
  • Stage 3 Workflow Review activities must be tracked by CTTs and CNEs and submitted to project analysts for reporting and time spent on education will need to be submitted to payroll.

Stage 1 includes training videos and simulations aimed to introduce you to new tools and functionalities.

  • Roles that do not give medications or manage orders can complete this stage in 1-1.5 hours.
  • Roles that give medication and manage orders can complete this stage in 2-2.5 hours.

Stage 2 includes self-directed workbook information, activities and assessments aimed to further introduce you to role specific new tools and functionalities.

  • Roles that do not give medications or manage orders can complete this stage in 3-4 hours.
  • Roles that give medication and manage orders can complete this stage in 6-7 hours.
  • Roles that are learning both CPOE and Clinical Documentation (“ClinDoc”) can complete this stage in 8-10 hours.

Yes, Stage 1 and Stage 2 can be accessed from home

  • Type http://gateway.islandhealth.ca into your Google Chrome web browser at home. Google Chrome is recommended.
  • Complete Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) steps.
  • Click on Citrix Lite version.
  • Click on the Island Health EHR Education app to access your learning journey.
  • Use the EHR Train Account Allocator App to obtain an available username, password and patient.
  • Click on the Citrix Application that the allocator has given you.
  • Enter the assigned username and password that was given to you from the allocator.
  • Search for the patient you have been assigned or create a custom patient list as outlined in your workbook activity for easy access to your assigned patient.


If you received an incorrect Learning Journey, email EHRLearning@islandhealth.ca

Med Surg, Rehab, Palliative, and RADU are very similar- Med Surg is the most robust (PCA therapy etc.): Select the most appropriate journey and complete only one. Focus on your primary area of work OR take the Med Surg journey to ensure you receive all the information you need.

Some Journeys have different workbooks BUT Stage 1 is the same (eg. Med Surg, and Pediatric). In this circumstance: Complete Stage 1 only once, complete both workbooks and attend boot camps (for CNEs and CTTs) and workflow reviews for both areas (for frontline staff).

The Learning Team can auto-complete duplicate activities for you, so that education tracking remains accurate.

  • Foundational decisions about build, design and workflow have been made through working group endorsement.
  • Build and design has been endorsed at the working group level.
  • Build and design are available in the training environment to support training activities with alignment of future state training materials.
  • After decisions and build have been approved by working groups, education content is developed and then validated by Informatics, Professional Practice and Medication Safety.

Any agency nurses that have contracts that extend beyond the Go Live date will require training. You can submit their names and the department where they work to EHRLearning@islandhealth.ca.

Nurses can be enrolled at any time, so any new agency nurses that come to work with contracts extending past Go Live will need to be enrolled and tracked.

We are enabling Citrix training access remotely from home which will enable agency nurses to complete learning journeys in advance of work placement. This is a major step forward in supporting HHR challenges on Vancouver Island.

Students are currently not enrolled as our first priority is to focus on Island Health employees. Supporting students with their preparation is important and we will be connecting with Student Practice Partners to discuss the best way to achieve this.

The Learning Team will create end-to-end full activation training journeys once all CPOE Tertiary Activation journeys are complete. New staff will be able to complete their learning prior to their first day of orientation if desired. Each journey serves foundational knowledge and preparation for departmental orientation and mentorship.

There are many ways to deliver education and learning needs can vary. Benefits of the journey are:

  • maintained and up-to-date content at all times
  • decreased burden on operational education leads to deliver full EHR training
  • supports self-directed learning and can shorten the time to get new staff working