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OneSign “Tap N Go”

OneSign® "Tap N Go"

OneSign® Tap N Go (formerly known as Imprivata OneSign) is a convenient way to unlock and lock your computer or workstation using your Proximity Access Card (prox card). 

You need to re-type your password only once every 4 hours during the day, saving you time and possible frustration from having to log on to a computer every time you want to use it.

When Tap N Go is installed, you may notice changes on your device and a different login screen. 

Imprivata screen

Which Island Health locations use Tap N Go?

Tap N Go has been put into use at the following Island Health facilities: 

  • West Coast General Hospital
  • Cowichan District Hospital
  • Chemainus Health Care Centre (Urgent Care)
  • Nanaimo Regional General Hospital
  • Oceanside Health Centre
Coming soon to the following locations: 
  • Victoria General Hospital – January 31
  • Gorge Road Hospital – January 31
  • South Island Surgical Centre – January 31
  • Royal Jubilee Hospital – March 31

How to use Tap N Go

Tapping in and out of workstations

To tap in at a workstation:

  • Tap your badge on the Imprivata external card reader at each workstation.

To tap in at a workstation on wheels (WoW):

  • The reader is built into the screen, and you tap on the left side of the screen, beside the sticker.

To tap out:

  • Tap the reader or the screen again.

If Tap N Go is unavailable at the workstation you are using, you can always log into your device by typing in your username and password, as is the current practice.

Tapping in at a workstation
Tapping in or out at a workstation
Tapping in or out at a WoW
Tapping in or out at a WoW

Support documents for Tap N Go

OneSign Tap N Go Quick Reference Guide This guide provides you with step-by-step instructions:
  • How to enroll in OneSign Tap N Go
  • How to activate your prox card
  • Tapping in and tapping out of a computer

OneSign Tap N Go FAQ 

  • This FAQ contains answers to most questions, including troubleshooting and new account requests. 

Phone support if you have problems accessing Tap N Go

  • Direct all calls to the Service Desk: 

18777 Option 2