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OneSign “Tap N Go”

OneSign® "Tap N Go"

OneSign® Tap N Go (formerly known as Imprivata OneSign) is a convenient way to unlock and lock your computer or workstation using your Proximity Access Card (prox card). 

You need to re-type your password only once every 8 hours during the day, saving you time and possible frustration from having to log on to a computer every time you want to use it.

When Tap N Go is installed, you may notice changes on your device and a different login screen. 

Imprivata screen

Which Island Health locations use Tap N Go?

Tap N Go has been put into use at the following Island Health facilities: 

  • West Coast General Hospital
  • Cowichan District Hospital
  • Chemainus Health Care Centre (Urgent Care)
  • Nanaimo Regional General Hospital
  • Oceanside Health Centre
  • Victoria General Hospital
  • Gorge Road Hospital
  • South Island Surgical Centre
  • Royal Jubilee Hospital
  • Lady Minto Hospital

How to use Tap N Go

Tapping in and out of workstations

Start your shift by logging in with your username and password, as usual. Tap N Go will begin automatically after that.

To tap in at a workstation:

  • Tap your badge on the Imprivata external card reader at each workstation.

To tap in at a workstation on wheels (WoW):

  • The reader is built into the screen, and you tap on the left side of the screen, beside the sticker.

To tap out:

  • Tap the reader or the screen again.

Your tapping privileges will last for 8 hours, then you will need to enter your username and password again to resume the service.

If Tap N Go is unavailable at the workstation you are using, you can always log into your device by typing in your username and password, as is the current practice.

Tapping in at a workstation
Tapping in or out at a workstation
Tapping in or out at a WoW
Tapping in or out at a WoW

Protect your back while tapping in and out

Tapping in and out can entice us to slouch as we reach our prox card to the tap pad. Use this task as an opportunity to practice STABLE principles, as recommended by the Injury Prevention team:

  • Staggered stance. Consider positioning one foot slightly in front of the other to help unlock your knees.
  • Hip hinge. Reach forward by hinging at your hips to keep your back in a relatively strong position, OR
  • Move the tap pad. Bring the tap pad closer avoid slouching altogether. Your upper back, neck and shoulders will thank you for it.

Retractable prox card extenders are available from Island Health stores.

Support documents for Tap N Go

Requesting OneSign Tap N Go Account and Device Access

Before you can use the Tap N Go feature, you need to have access added to your account. This one-page guide shows you how to request access.

OneSign Tap N Go Quick Reference Guide

This guide provides you with step-by-step instructions:

  • How to enroll in OneSign Tap N Go
  • How to activate your prox card
  • Tapping in and tapping out of a computer

OneSign Tap N Go FAQ

This FAQ contains answers to most questions, including troubleshooting and new account requests.

Phone support if you have problems accessing Tap N Go


After hours, direct all calls to the Service Desk: 

18777 Option 2