IHealth Launches at NRGH Mid 2015

IHealth is interactive for health care providers, and includes clinical decision support and quality measures that will guide critical thinking in a new way. It is a powerful integrated electronic system that will keep track of patients’ health records in one single record, across sites and across programs and services, over patients’ entire life.

“After over a year of planning and workflow validation processes involving staff and physicians at every level, we want employees and our physician partners to know this change is coming and embrace it because of the benefits it will bring to patient care quality and safety,” explains Suzanne Fox, Executive Director of IHealth. “As a nurse myself, I know how important it is to have clinically-led approaches to the solutions that will be used with the new technology – and that is exactly what the IHealth implementation is focusing on.”

The NRGH core campus will be the first site where IHealth will be implemented. This will occur by the middle of 2015 and be followed three months later with community sites and programs on the Central Island. Finally, IHealth will be activated on the North Island and South Island in late 2015 or early 2016.

Why NRGH is Leading the Way:

Central Vancouver Island will be the first geographic area to experience the new system because the Nanaimo Emergency Department and other Central Island programs are already using the Cerner Clinical Information system. Implementation of the fully integrated system will complete the partial informatics system that was put in place when the new Emergency Department opened, and will support the complete electronic integration of clinical processes. The IHealth team is highly invested in ensuring the first activation goes well in Nanaimo, and they will be on site before, during and after to confirm workflow and content with users of the new system.

“We know that IHealth will be a significant change in how Island Health’s clinical staff carries out their work,” says Sarah Crawford-Bohl, Island Health’s Director of Transformation, Change Management & Operational Readiness for IHealth. “As is the case with any big change, we want to make the transition as smooth as possible, so we have planned ‘kick-off’ activities to launch the start of IHealth activation planning and engagement at NRGH and Dufferin Place.”

IHealth transition activities for staff at NRGH and Dufferin place include:

  • Computer Skills Assessments: Assessments were carried out between October 6-22 to determine how ready individual staff members are with computer skills to be able to work and practice in a fully automated care environment. Assessment questionnaires are being handed out by the clinical nurse leaders on each unit.
  • Computer Skills Education: Classes will run October 27 to December 31 for staff needing additional computer skills. Enrollment will be through the Learning Management System (LMS).
  • Peer Mentor Bootcamp: The IHealth team is looking for people who have the capacity and interest to support and mentor others during times of substantive change. We are looking for staff and physicians who adapt to changing environments easily and are comfortable incorporating the use of technology into their daily workflow. Peer Mentor Bootcamps will be held November 13 and 14 or November 18 and 19. For more information, email: Catherine.Wagner@viha.ca
  • NRGH/Dufferin Leadership Bootcamp: All Managers and Directors with clinical accountabilities at NRGH and Dufferin will be attending a four hour boot camp on November 19 that will provide details about the activation of IHealth, including the plans, events and how leaders will support and work with their teams as IHealth becomes a reality.
  • Early December: A fun and celebratory information event will be held at NRGH. Open to all staff, this drop-in event will provide an opportunity for staff to learn more about IHealth and see first-hand how it will support clinical work and processes. More information to come!

IHealth activities for Physicians , Nurse Practitioners and Midwives

  • Physician, Nurse Practitioner and Midwives Roadshows: Dr. Mary Lyn Fyfe with three IHealth physician leads (Dr. Willie Pewarchuk, Dr. Alex Hoechsmann and Dr. Andre de Wit) are visiting hospitals and care facilities with their nursing colleagues and client service partners to give an overview of IHealth and demonstrate how it will work. They have already visited Cowichan, Chemainus, Ladysmith, Comox, Campbell River, Saltspring and Nanaimo.
  • Ongoing Physician Meetings: These are occurring to build the order sets that will the back-bone for CPOE (or Computerized Provider Order Entry). This initiative is lead by Dr. Willie Pewarchuk. Like the existing pre-printed paper orders used across facilities in Island Health, these order sets will assist in bringing more up to date, evidenced based order templates to help standardize care across Island Health.
  • Program Change Champions: This physician group is bringing together physicians from all over Vancouver Island from various disciplines to help with the transition to the electronic health record. They will initially be working with Dr. de Wit and the Cerner team to make sure the new health record integrates clinical information in a reliable and efficient manner.

More to Come:

Over the coming weeks and months, there will be more details about IHealth, its benefits to staff, physicians and patients, as well information about the implementation process and the training and support for staff that will be available.

Stay tuned! There is a lot more to come.