Integration Testing

During the last week of September, the fifth round of Integration Testing for IHealth will be taking place in Victoria.

Integration Testing is a critical part of ensuring the new cross continuum Electronic Health Record (EHR) will work the way it has been designed. An Integration Testing event brings together a cross section of people from various Island Health clinical and non-clinical departments to test how well patient information flows between parts of the EHR as well as other clinical systems.

To date, IHealth Integration Testing events have included up to 130 participants.

Participants use patient scenarios (scripts) to test how well the information flows and hand offs are working, with groups of participants focusing on individual or departmental workflows.

An example scenario could start with an emergency department physician ordering bloodwork for a patient. Once ordered, a laboratory informatics specialist would ‘result’, or process, the order in the system. An emergency department nurse would then be able to see the resulted bloodwork in PowerChart. Information may also flow to other systems such as the Provincial Laboratory Information System (PLIS).

Watch this video from Integration Testing session #2:

Through these Integration Testing events, Island Health moves one step closer toward IHealth and One Patient, One Record, One Plan for Health and Care.