Introducing the Engagement Lab

In the basement of NRGH is a new hub of activity that you may not know about yet. It’s the IHealth Engagement Lab and it’s now open from Monday to Friday, 0700 to 1500.

In the Engagement Lab, staff members and physicians can engage with many of the devices that will be used once IHealth is rolled out. We are encouraging everyone to come and log on to the devices, move them around, and think about what it would be like to use the devices in their work flow.

Great information is coming out of the interactions in the Engagement Lab. Staff members are asking like, “Where am I going to put my IV bags?” and, “Will I be able to sit down beside my patient?” and “Will I be able to fit this device in a patient room?”

Getting answers to these questions helps staff gain a better understanding of how the new devices will be integrated into their day to day activities. It also gives the IHealth team lots of valuable information to help improve everyone’s experience when IHealth launches.

Watch the video for more information about the Engagement Lab. And, come check it out for yourself! Just follow the green feet.