Because providing care in this new way may be a substantial change in how you work, we are committed to making sure you will have what you need to be successful.

Education and learning for IHealth is based specifically on what you need to know and do within your daily work as a member of an interdisciplinary team. It will include education on the new electronic health record (EHR), such as:

  • What information is important to support interdisciplinary care planning through an EHR.
  • The critical aspects of the tools and applications that you will need to use on day one of this change.
  • The clinical standards that provide details on what information needs to be documented, and where it needs to be documented to meet standards of care.
  • What competencies you will need to have, and how you will achieve them.

There are three types of learning health care providers will have access to: informal, coaching and mentoring, and formal. All types of learning will occur before and after each IHealth activation:

  • To support informal learning, there are online resources, such as the Conversations on IHealth video series on this website, as well as role-based learning supports on our IHealth intranet pages (log in required). Also, in your care setting (where possible) IHealth Learning Stations will be set-up with additional resources (e.g., practice activities) that you will use in your specific care area or specific role.
  • To support coaching and mentoring, there are peer mentors available to answer questions and provide support within your care area. Both the peer mentors and your leadership team are working hard to bring specific information to you, while you are working and when you need it. You may also see the Clinical or Nurse Informaticist who is supporting your specific program area. Look out for the learning-in-action activities available in your work setting.
  • To support formal learning, online course(s) and required classroom training session(s) will help you learn how to work through some of the new features. These are available in a single place in the Learning Management System (LMS), called the IHealth Learning Curriculums (log in required).
    • To ensure that learners are ready for the most significant changes in their work, the required formal learning (i.e., online courses and classroom training) will be available at sites within each geographic region closer to the date they will experience the transition to the fully-integrated EHR. Site- and role-based education and training details will continue to be made available.

An overview of all of the informal learning resources, coaching and mentoring opportunities, and formal classroom or e-learning opportunities that are available to you throughout this initiative is available in the IHealth Learning Framework infographic.

Please note: The learning resources, as well as the coaching and mentoring activities, are all available and to be accessed prior to formal classroom training. They will also be available after training to reinforce what you have learned.