Local EHR Workflow Alignment Sessions


As we work toward our goal of One Patient, One Record, One Plan for Health and Care, an integral piece of work for the IHealth initiative relates to understanding both current and future workflow, or what clinicians do, or will do, in a day. This work will be addressed through an event called Local EHR Workflow Alignment (LEWA). LEWA sessions are starting in Nanaimo and will take place throughout the island as we move towards activation of the EHR in the various geographical zones.

Who should attend

  • A minimum of 1-3 peer mentors, or other staff members who intimately understand unit workflow (in-person attendance is recommended for this group), from each specified care area.
  • Other staff members who routinely interact with the workflow being reviewed from your care area

Expected outcomes

  • Assessments of and adjustments to future state workflow diagrams and a brief review of EHR functionality. This will help to ensure that localized workflows are adequately represented in the new Electronic Health Record (EHR).

What you need to know

  • The agenda will follow a patient through a continuum of care.
  • Draft workflows will be presented visually using diagrams.
  • Please Note – there are a few future state workflows that are still being established.
  • Attendees will review workflows; modifications to the diagrams will be made if needed.
  • Brief EHR demonstrations will be provided.
  • Please Note – LEWA is not a training session, nor a time to review content; however, participants will have the opportunity to observe EHR functionality that will support future workflow.
  • IHealth team members from Clinical Informatics, Cerner, and Project will be demonstrating, facilitating and documenting during the event.
  • Topics requiring further decision support will be captured within a Parking Lot and will be followed up at later dates.

What you need to do

  • Identify the dates and/or times of the session(s) you and/or your delegate should attend.
  • Send questions to kristina.mcdonald@viha.ca