A message from Dr. Brendan Carr

brendan-carrIt’s a pleasure to welcome you to Island Health’s IHealth information website.

IHealth will forever change the way we deliver health and care service and support. IHealth is about providing individual and integrated care for patients through a single electronic record. It’s about personalized health and care service where patient safety and quality care come first.

IHealth will monitor and record a patient’s medical history on a single record for the duration of their life. All lab results, imaging, prescriptions, and health history will now be available in one electronic location accessible to the care providers that make up the patient’s integrated health team.

IHealth will also support clinical decision making through built in safety checks and other functions that will ensure a safer, more efficient health care system, for patients, you, your family, friends and neighbours.

I’d like to acknowledge the exemplary work of the interdisciplinary teams that have come together to move IHealth forward over the past several years. Our ability to launch IHealth is due to the collective efforts of dozens of Island Health teams. Thank you!

As we implement IHealth, I know there will be bumps along the way. I also know this is the right thing to do to ensure that the people we serve, including you and your loved ones, are supported by one of the best health and care technology systems in the world.

Island Health is transforming the way we deliver care and promote Health. I invite and encourage you to learn more about IHealth by exploring this website.

Dr. Brendan Carr
President & CEO, Island Health