Ongoing Update – Cochrane Report – February 14, 2017

The following was sent on behalf of Ben Williams, Medical Director, Oceanside
to all Nanaimo Regional General Hospital, Oceanside Health Centre and Dufferin Place physicians and staff

Dear Colleagues,

As outlined previously, Island Health President and CEO, Dr. Brendan Carr, has asked that we provide you with regular updates.

1. Inappropriate Fax
We are aware of a fax that was circulated widely at NRGH this weekend regarding IHealth. This fax questioned the motivation of some of our colleagues and personally identified a member of the medical staff. Communications such as this impair our collective desire to be a place where our community wants to come to work, learn, and receive care.

Please remember that Island Health networks, equipment and other resources are not to be used for non-work related purposes.

Please also remember, as recently written by our CEO, that “each of [us] comes to work to provide exceptional care to our patients.” We can and will at times disagree with one another about matters large and small. It’s important that we have the ability to discuss areas of disagreement with one another in a safe and respectful environment.

As we strive to provide excellent care to our patients, let’s also strive to provide the same to one-another.

We welcome the opinion of all members of our NRGH community and encourage staff and physicians to share their thoughts with us.

2. Code Grey Last Week
You may recall that there was a code Grey (unexpected downtime) on Friday Feb 10. This Island-wide system downtime occurred as a result of a firewall malfunction at the provincial data centre in Kamloops. Here are some details for those who are interested.

  • At 10:28am a firewall malfunctioned at the provincial data centre in Kamloops resulting in an island-wide system downtime.
  • By 10:58am the issue had been resolved by disabling the affected firewall (there are redundant firewalls).
  • At 11:09am, an IMIT Island-Wide All Clear Service Notification was distributed.
  • 99% of impacted applications returned to normal immediately with a few interfaces and the “iview” portion of clinical documentation taking until noon to be fully resolved.
  • By 2pm the malfunctioning firewall had passed diagnostic tests and was turned back on. Unfortunately, the firewall continued to malfunction and it was again taken off-line.
    A new Kamloops firewall is now in place.

Yours sincerely,

Damian Lange
Director, Clinical Operations, NRGH

Dr. Ben Williams
Medical Director Oceanside