Ongoing Update – Cochrane Report – February 2, 2017

The following was sent on behalf of Ben Williams, Medical Director, Oceanside
to all Nanaimo Regional General Hospital, Oceanside Health Centre and Dufferin Place physicians and staff

Dear Colleagues,

As outlined previously, Island Health President and CEO, Dr. Brendon Carr, has asked that we provide you with regular updates on activities and actions related to IHealth. Today’s update will be brief.

A few questions have arisen regarding the expression of interest issued by the Revalidation Oversight Committee:

  1. Is Revalidation Only About Medication Order Management?
    The Revalidation Oversight Committee is charged with functional revalidation of the Electronic Health Record (EHR) as recommended by Dr. Cochrane in his external review. The first focus of the committee’s work is medication orders management.  Additional revalidation activities will relate to non-medication orders, clinical documentation and other areas as determined by the committee.
  1. Where Does the NICU Fit on the Medication Orders Management Schedule of Revalidation Sessions?
    We have passed this question on to the revalidation committee and understand that a new schedule will be distributed answering this question.
  1. Where Does Nursing Fit on the Medication Orders Management Schedule of Revalidation Sessions?
    Each revalidation session will be multidisciplinary and include nurses.

This morning I asked our peer experts, Dr. Eric Grafstein and Dr. Keith Dipboye,* for their initial impression.  They were very appreciative of the time staff and physicians had spent with them and noted significant improvements since go-live in March. They both expressed optimism that the system could be improved further with focused work.

Lastly, we are working towards multimodal communication. These updates will be posted on the Island Health website and further modes of communication are planned.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Ben Williams
Medical Director Oceanside

* These physician colleagues from the Lower Mainland are peer experts participating in the Revalidation process and are on-site to shadow NRGH providers and gain first-hand experience with the current toolset. Please take some time to say hello.