Ongoing Update – Cochrane Report – February 3, 2017

The following was sent on behalf of Ben Williams, Medical Director, Oceanside
to all Nanaimo Regional General Hospital, Oceanside Health Centre and Dufferin Place physicians and staff

Dear Colleagues,

As outlined previously, Island Health President and CEO, Dr. Brendon Carr, has asked that we provide you with regular updates on activities and actions related to IHealth. The following are highlights from this week:

1. Revalidation Oversight Committee Expression of Interest

All staff and physicians are encouraged to participate in this focused work to improve medication order management.
There have been reports of difficulty submitting the webform, and it has been replaced by a word document:

2. Third Party IHealth Review Response

In addition to Revalidation activities, there are 19 other recommendations from the IHealth Review that have been actioned and initiated. A summary of the work completed to-date in response to Dr. Cochrane’s report has been posted to the Island Health public website

3. Meeting Between Dr. Carr and the Nanaimo Medical Staff Association Advisory Council

A meeting between Dr. Carr and the Nanaimo Medical Staff Association Advisory Council took place on January 31st at NRGH. Dr. Carr appreciated both the time medical staff took to meet with him and the insights staff shared. Dr. Carr reported that this was a very productive conversation and looks forward to ongoing discussions next week so that we can rapidly bring improvements to the Electronic Health Record (EHR).

Dr. Carr was also at NRGH on January 20th, and Island Health Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jeremy Etherington, was on-site January 20th and January26th.

4. NRGH Medical Director of Clinical Operations/Chief of Staff Position

We are recruiting an NRGH Medical Director of Clinical Operations/Chief of Staff. The posting is available at:

I am pleased to assist my NRGH colleagues, but I will not be applying for this position. Interested physicians should consider applying. Please contact Dr. Drew Digney with any questions.

Next Week Expect to See:

  • A visual display of information sent out in these updates to provide another mechanism for sharing information.
  • A status summary on each active external review recommendation posted to the public Island Health Website.
  • Further discussions regarding the EHR Quality Council.
  • More Information about the Revalidation Oversight Committee

There will be no updates over the weekend.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Ben Williams
Medical Director Oceanside