User Acceptance Training: Session #3 at NRGH and Dufferin Place

During the last week of November, clinicians and staff had an opportunity to test-drive the new electronic health record during UAT#3 sessions at NRGH and Dufferin Place ahead the go-live later this spring.

User Acceptance Testing brings interdisciplinary stakeholders together to actively test the IHealth system. This includes testing high-level workflows between providers, detecting potential gaps to be addressed, and identifying needs for education related to the system.

There have been other sessions at various locations across the Island, including Session #1 on September 29.

Watch this video to learn more about the User Acceptance Testing Session #3 in Nanaimo:

Austin Kenzie, Professional Project Manager, IHealth, had this to say about the activities he participated in:

“Wednesday on the Peds unit of the NRGH tower saw some exciting UAT3 engagement and keen participants. We set up in a patient room with a pump, 2 WOWs, and a projector – and positively packed the room with people. Several pediatric nurses, doctors, and dieticians dropped by to run through a variety of test scripts and activities focusing on acute and ambulatory care processes, such as providing care through transfer and admit of a dehydrated test patient with worsening symptoms.

The feedback from the multidisciplinary team was overwhelmingly positive, and despite it perhaps appearing uncomfortable being squished in so tight into a single patient room, it was quite bonding! Such a great group of caring people, and they’re so excited for change.

The 2nd floor of the NRGH Tower can’t wait for IHealth!”

IHealth: One Patient, One Record, One Plan for Health and Care