What is the “New Platform” and will it impact me?

Have you heard people talk about “New Platform” and wondered what it meant?

The “New Platform” is a system upgrade to our EHR applications such as Cerner PowerChart, FirstNet, PharmNet, SurgiNet, and more. It will affect everyone who uses these systems, island-wide and some areas* will experience a more significant impact than others. This upgrade is a foundational component prior the new functionality and workflow changes in IHealth.

Here’s another way to look at it:

“New Platform” is like an upgrade from iPhone 4 to iPhone 6. When you log in for the first time, there will be a new look and feel, new colours and page layouts, new icons, and some icons or menus will be in new locations. These changes, although minor in most instances, still create a learning curve and it will take time to adjust to the change.

The New Platform will enable us to implement a new system: an island-wide single electronic health record that has expanded and improved functionality such as electronic clinical documentation and computerized provider order entry.

This is IHealth – a journey that will significantly improve patient safety and the quality of care that we provide.

Like any change, being prepared is key! Here’s some resources to stay informed.

  • IHealth Public website – where you’ll find an abundance of valuable resources; new information is added regularly!
  • IHealth intranet pages – where you will find more role-specific information, including six learning hubs (log in required).
  • Tips of the Week and other learning resources can be found at: https://intranet.viha.ca/IHealth/Pages/default.aspx (log in required).
  • Keep reading The Weekly, Island Health’s internal news bulletin; this is where timelines for this system upgrade will be provided.
  • Interprofessional educators are also a great resource!

*Areas that will be most significantly impacted include:

  • Registration
  • Scheduling
  • Health Information Management Systems
    • This includes changes for clinicians and physicians who need to sign-off on dictated documents.
  • Mental Health and Substance Use Clinical Profile Documentation
    Endoscopy at RJH
  • Emergency Departments and Oceanside Health Centre (FirstNet sites)
  • Laboratory Medicine
  • Medical Imaging
  • Pharmacy