When will I be able to see our new EHR?


sample image showing a patient summary view
Electronic Health Record Patient Summary View


image of sample patient MAR
Electronic Health Record Patient MAR


image of sample orders profile
Electronic Health Record Orders Profile


Excitement is building as we continue to move closer to using the new Electronic Health Record (EHR), and people are starting to ask: When will I be able to see our new EHR?

There are several ways that you can see a version our new EHR before it is implemented – OpenHouse and PLYIH domain (commonly referred to as “PlayIH”). There will be many hands-on and online learning opportunities.

Both of these domains show the structure and some limited features of the EHR; we are still incorporating feedback and building an EHR that meets the specific needs of our care settings and communities and our fully implemented EHR may look and function slightly differently. These domains are, however, still very helpful to give everyone an idea of what is to come.

It is highly recommended to follow a script that includes user and patient names regardless of the domain used; this ensures that the functionality being demonstrated is available for end users.

Please note: the domain you get access to depends on your level of involvement in the IHealth initiative.

OpenHouse domain                                                                                                            

OpenHouse is Cerner’s domain to allow clients to become familiar with Millennium processes; it shows you the “out-of-the-box” version of the EHR. This domain functions the way that our EHR will, though the content is not always Island-Health specific. For example, the tools within OpenHouse that you will see are the same tools that you will use to plan care within the future EHR, but the specific options and details within these tools have not been customized for Island Health.

PLYIH domain

This domain is a more accurate reflection of what the final version of the EHR will look like for us. It is a copy of the current version (within 4 weeks) of the EHR that is being refined. PLYIH can be used for guided demonstrations.

TRAIN domain

If you are a member of the IHealth formal training team, you will get training and access to a training domain before your peers. For example, to support activation of the EHR in Nanaimo, Peer Mentors and Physician Champions will get training and access after the Nurse Informaticists and Physician Leads are trained by the IHealth formal training team.  Everyone else who requires access will get training and access within 6-8 weeks of the activation of the EHR in their care areas.

Here are a few more details about the three domains:

Details Domains
Canadian content? No Yes Yes
Island Health-specific? No Yes Yes
Training required to use it? Recommended Yes Yes
Available to all staff and physicians? Yes* No Yes (at training session)
Do I need to follow a pre-written script? Yes Yes No

*The instructions for how to access Open House as well as the scripts needed to work in the OpenHouse domain are available on Island Health’s IHealth Peer Mentors Intranet site.

If you have questions about your access to any of these domains, please email your details to ihealth@viha.ca.